LS to become paperless from next session

first_imgNew Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday announced that the Lower House will become paperless from the next session, a move which will save crores of rupees to the exchequer. During the Zero Hour, several members praised the Speaker for starting a new system under which their name and division number are displayed on the screen in the house, when they are speaking. Birla told the members that various new initiatives will be taken to improve the functioning of the house and announced that Lok Sabha will become paperless from the next session onwards. It will save crores of rupees, he said.last_img read more

Harper remains unmoved by calls for public inquiry into murdered missing Indigenous

first_imgBy Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsPrime Minister Stephen Harper has again rejected pleas from Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo for a national inquiry into the growing number of murdered and missing Indigenous women across the country.While provincial governments have called on the federal government to strike an inquiry, Harper remains unmoved on the issue.On Wednesday, Atleo told APTN National News that he raised the issue again during a brief 15 minute meeting with Harper just before Aboriginal Day. According to Atleo said Harper still hasn’t budged on his position since the issue was raised at a much publicized meeting between Harper and a small group of chiefs on January 11, at the peak of IdleNoMore protests.“He repeated that he doesn’t support the call for an inquiry,” said Atleo. “(Harper) supports the work that is going in the all-party committee and feels strongly on moving on action based on existing reports…it is clear we don’t agree, but I pressed for it again and stated we would continue to do so.”A special Parliamentary committee was recently created to study the issue and hearings are expected to resume in the fall when MPs return to Ottawa.The provinces called on the government to create the inquiry during meeting in Winnipeg last April. The meeting included provincial Aboriginal affairs ministers and three premiers who also hold the portfolio.The Prime Minister’s Office said Harper had already expressed the position publicly in the past.The idea of a national inquiry was rejected in a draft deputy minister’s memorandum to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, as the federal government prepared its response to another inquiry in British Columbia examining the troubled police investigation into serial killer Robert Pickton.“It is better to take action now through measures aimed at reducing vulnerability, community-based prevention and stronger law enforcement toolkit rather than expending resources in further inquiries,” said the memo, obtained under the Access to Information Act and marked “confidential.”“The behaviour of this government is, in my view, in contradiction to the words that have been spoken,” said Atleo. “The way the government behaves toward First Nations people still stands on a foundation that we don’t exist.”Atleo also said he planned to travel to Tsuu T’ina First Nation Wednesday evening to meet with Alberta First Nation leaders who are dealing with the fallout of devastating floods in the area.Atleo also planned to tour the devastated communities of Siksika First Nation and Stoney Nakoda First Nation on read more

The life cycle of a cannabis plant from seed to store

first_imgArmina Ligaya, The Canadian Press TORONTO — Licensed cannabis producers are ramping up production to address shortages that have plagued the pot market since legalization in October, but the time required to grow the average marijuana plant means consumers likely have a few more weeks to wait. Cannabis lives up to its nickname and grows like a weed, but the plant needs as many as 18 weeks to progress from seed to harvest before it even moves on to processing and packaging.Licensed producer CannTrust walked The Canadian Press through their cultivation and processing facilities to get a close look at the process. Here are the various life stages of the cannabis plant: from seed to plant to processing and packaging.1) Seed/CuttingMost commercial cannabis growers skip the seed stage and grow new plants from cuttings of established ones, as seeds take longer and are prone to genetic variation, which can affect product quality. Cuttings are taken from so-called “mother plants” grown for the purpose of genetic cloning. The moniker stems from the fact that they must be female — male plants produce pollen and seeds but female plants produce the coveted cannabinoid-filled flower. “Every plant in the greenhouse is a female plant,” said Michael Camplin, general manager of CannTrust’s Niagara-area cultivation facility. “There are no males allowed in this facility.”Growing a new plant from cuttings produces genetically identical plants, allowing producers to generate cannabis from a certain strain with particular characteristics, he said.“It’s called a mother plant because it’s producing basically children,” Camplin said. “It’s producing young plants that will have the same characteristics as the mother.”2) SeedlingSmall cuttings are taken from the mother plants and planted into a moist starter cube in a low light and high humidity environment.“They’re literally babied along,” Camplin said.After two weeks, the roots start to sprout through the starter cube and the seedling is transplanted to a larger cube. After an additional two weeks of growth, the young cannabis plant is moved to a slightly larger base.3) Vegetative stateOnce beyond the seedling stage, the plant enters the vegetative state and is encouraged to grow up and out. This is done by controlling the amount of light the plant receives.If the plant receives 18 hours of daylight or more in a given day, it will continue to grow without producing any flower, Camplin said.4) FloweringGetting the plant to produce flowers involves convincing it that autumn is approaching, which means cutting back on the light cycle.“Marijuana plants are very light sensitive, and they are triggered to go into flower when the day length shortens in nature, as the summer starts to turn into fall,” he said. “The days get shorter, and the plant knows that it’s time to reproduce.”Mimicking the change in seasons by shortening the daylight period to 12 hours will prompt the plant to flower and produced the desired bud.The time needed for a plant to flower depends on the strain, but it can range from as little as seven weeks to as much as 10 weeks, Camplin said.5) HarvestingOnce the flowering plant has reached the desired stage, it is time to harvest. The plant’s flower or bud is coated in tiny, glistening hair-like glands called trichomes that contain the active ingredients in the plant called cannabinoids. The best-known cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, known as THC and CBD. Trichomes also contain terpenes, the fragrant oils which produce a unique taste and smell.The plants are cut and cannabis buds are mechanically separated from the stems and leaves, before being inspected and then trimmed by hand, Camplin said.6) DryingThe fresh cannabis flower is then dried on racks for up to two weeks. The buds are then stored in loosely closed plastic bags in large bins, which help to control the humidity, for two weeks.“That equalizes the moisture level, and every day they’re opened and stirred — or burped as they say in the drying room — and closed back up,” Camplin said.Keeping them in the closed bins also help the buds retain the terpenes, he said.Once the drying is complete, the bud is graded by size. Larger buds are usually preferred for dried flower sales while smaller buds are often earmarked for oil, he said.7) Testing and processing At this stage, the cannabis is tested for quality before it is cleared for the manufacturing process, said Chris Lucky, CannTrust’s vice-president of supply chain and manufacturing. On average, it takes 10 to 11 days to get the lab results back.Once the buds pass the appropriate tests, the pot is then either packaged for sale or put through an extraction process to produce cannabis oil.8) ExtractionThe buds chosen to produce oils are put through an industrial-sized grinder and then baked. Similar to when cannabis is smoked, the heating process activates the ingredients within the bud that provide the medicinal effects, Anna Jakobsmeier, CannTrust’s director of extraction and refinement, said.“We’re manipulating it to now provide the medicine,” she said.The baked cannabis is then placed into an extraction machine that uses heated and pressurized carbon dioxide to separate the cannabinoids from the plant.“You’re removing the cannabinoids, as well as some other components of the plant, but you’re leaving behind the actual dried product,” she said.The resulting liquid containing the cannabinoids is mixed with a carrier oil, such as a type of coconut oil known as Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT oil. The oil is then bottled or put into capsules and packaged for sale.9) Packaging and LabellingThe finished products are packaged and labelled as per Health Canada’s guidelines, which include strict limits on the use of colours, graphics and logos.Products destined for Canada’s adult use market receive an excise stamp, which indicate that the product was produced legally and that applicable duties were paid. Each product must have a stamp corresponding to the province or territory where it will be sold.Complications with the stamp were blamed by many pot producers for causing a bottleneck in the supply chain, contributing to the shortage. Problems cited by producers included a delay in receiving the stamps, as well as the need for glue to affix the stamps, which slowed down the process. Cannabis is a brand new industry, and companies are learning and refining the processes as they go, and incorporating automation to speed up the process where possible, Lucky said.“Everybody is learning the processes… There’s a lot of things we have done as an organization, and industry across the board, in terms of how we can automate.”last_img read more

French aviation experts see clear links in 2 Boeing crashes

PARIS — The French civil aviation investigation bureau BEA has concluded there were “clear similarities” between this month’s crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX plane and a Lion Air plane crash last October.The French bureau said Monday that black box data from the Ethiopian Airlines flight showed the links and will be used for further study.Ethiopian authorities asked BEA for help in extracting and interpreting the crashed plane’s black boxes because Ethiopia does not have the necessary expertise and technology.The Ethiopian Accident Investigation Bureau intends to release a preliminary report within 30 days.The Associated Press read more

On second day of debate General Assembly hears calls for definition of

Yemen’s Ambassador, Abdalla Saleh Al-Ashtal, joined numerous others who have expressed support for the recently adopted Security Council resolution on fighting terrorism, but pointed out that its implementation would be affected by the fact that there was no agreed definition of terrorism. Echoing this view, the Ambassador of Malaysia, Hasmy Agam, stressed that without a clear definition, it would be difficult to enforce international agreements to combat the menace. “Acts of pure terrorism, involving attacks against innocent civilian populations – which cannot be justified under any circumstances – should be differentiated from the legitimate struggles of peoples under colonial or alien domination and foreign occupation for self-determination and national liberation,” he said.Speaking on behalf of the Arab Group, Libyan Ambassador Abuzed Omar Dorda said States that harboured terrorists of Arab nationalities should surrender them to their countries so that these elements may be brought to justice. The Arab Group also advocated convening an international conference to arrive at a definition of terrorism, he said, adding that the Group would oppose any attempt to classify resistance to occupation as a terrorist act. “Such an attempt will turn concepts topsy-turvy, and only hatred can be engendered from this kind of oppression.” Supporting the call for an anti-terrorism conference, Iran’s Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Javad Zarif, said the forum should elaborate objective criteria that would allow the international community to identify and combat terrorism. “Legitimacy as well as sustainability of the global struggle against terrorism rests on applying a single set of standards to all,” he said. Pledging his country’s full support for the fight against terrorism, Ambassador Shamshad Ahmad of Pakistan emphasized the need to tackle the root causes of that peril, noting that stability and mutual prosperity were critical to that effort. “It will continue to haunt us if the roots of terrorism, which lie in the inequality of societies, in the exploitation of downtrodden, in the denial of fundamental rights and in the sense of injustice, are not addressed,” he said.The Ambassador of the Sudan, Elfatih Mohamed Ahmed Erwa, stressed that his country would never be a haven for terrorist groups and would fully cooperate in any effort to eliminate terrorism. The Sudan would support international laws and General Assembly resolutions aimed at combating terrorism and apprehending the perpetrators.Guatemalan Ambassador Gert Rosenthal pointed out that the battle against terrorism would require fighting crime, drug trafficking and money laundering “given the actual or potential links between these scourges, which are becoming increasingly international in nature.” He supported Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s view that the UN “constitutes the natural forum” for this effort – a view shared by numerous speakers in the debate.The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Ambassador Sun Joun-yung, said the tragedy of 11 September presented the UN with the “solemn task” of tackling terrorism issues. “The international community is watching us, anticipating with great hope a concerted effort against terrorism,” he said. “It is incumbent upon us to live up to this hope.” The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ireland, Brian Cowen, paid special tribute to the New York City police and fire fighters who had lost their lives trying to save others during the terrorist attack against the World Trade Center. “Let those images and those stories of bravery and heroism in the face of the most awful terror stand as a constant reminder that we, members of this Assembly, have our own duty to perform, to ensure that terrorists will find no welcome in any part of the globe,” he said. read more

Illinoisbased ADM says it needs new global headquarters location to better access

by David Mercer And Sophia Tareen, The Associated Press Posted Sep 23, 2013 3:00 pm MDT Illinois-based ADM says it needs new global headquarters location to better access customers AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email DECATUR, Ill. – Agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland Company said Monday that after 44 years in the small central Illinois city of Decatur, it is looking for a new location for its headquarters with better access to its global customers.ADM said it is already considering a list of potential locations for what it’s calling its new global headquarters, but doesn’t plan to publicly discuss where it could be headed or how long it will take to make the decision. Chicago is among those candidates, city officials said.But the company also said no layoffs are planned and it will keep a workforce of 4,400 in Decatur, which also will become ADM’s North American headquarters. The company has extensive operations in the city, about 180 miles southwest of Chicago, and is Decatur’s largest employer.“Our company is growing and becoming more global and more customer-centric,” CEO Patricia Woertz said. “To continue to succeed, we need a global centre in a location that allows us to travel and work efficiently with customers and employees throughout the world. We also need an environment where we can attract and retain employees with diverse skills, and where family members can find ample career opportunities.”The new global headquarters would have about 100 employees, ADM said in a news release. It would also be home to a new IT centre that would add another 100 new employees over the next several years.ADM has about 30,000 employees around the world, about half overseas, spokeswoman Victoria Podesta said. The company, which is No. 27 on the Fortune 500 list, processes corn, soybeans and other crops to make everything from animal feed to ethanol and food additives.Tom Alexander, a spokesman for the City of Chicago, confirmed it has talked with ADM and is a candidate.“This is a dynamic, global company that is a leader in a key industry, and we believe that they are a good fit with what Chicago has to offer,” he said. “We’ll do our best to keep them in Illinois.”ADM has talked off and on for years about the need for a headquarters with easier access to the world beyond central Illinois, Podesta said. Decatur’s small airport lacks major commercial flights.During the company’s proposed acquisition of the Australian company Graincorp, ADM decided to go ahead with the relocation plan, Podesta said.“Decatur doesn’t have an international airport,” she said. “If you’re trying to get to Australia to have a meeting … it adds to your trip.”The company told Decatur officials about its plans in the past few days, Podesta said.Messages left by The Associated Press with city officials in Decatur were not immediately returned.One business owner in downtown Decatur acknowledged the city of about 75,000 relies heavily on ADM and its jobs, and that residents get jittery when there’s uncertainty.“We’re right in the middle of the country. I don’t know how much more centrally located they can be,” said Robert Laskowski, 61, a Decatur native and keeper of a CD and DVD store.He said he can understand how it might be easier for ADM’s international clients to get to Chicago, but felt confident they would keep the manufacturing jobs in Decatur, “because this is where their product is — corn and soybeans.”University of Illinois economist Fred Giertz said that while the company may try to get some kind of tax breaks or other incentives from the new location, he doubts the company would be able to get a package worth tens of millions of dollars that a factory employing several hundred might command.“I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask for something, but I don’t think it’s as a big a deal as locating a Honda plant,” Giertz said.The headquarters move would not be the first for ADM; it relocated to Decatur from Minneapolis in the 1960s.___Associated Press writer John O’Connor contributed to this report. Mercer reported from Champaign and Tareen from Chicago. read more

Soaring temperatures pose new threat to Mosuls displaced – UN migration agency

At full capacity, IOM teams are in the process of ensuring that all internally displaced persons (IDPs) are equipped with basic materials to help alleviate summer discomfort, including supplementary mini kits – containing 40-litre capacity cool boxes, battery-rechargeable fans and summer bed linens – for distribution to some 7,790 families in Qayara and neighbouring Haj Ali camp. Another 5,400 or so summer kits have already been distributed to IDP families from West Mosul, who have arrived in the emergency sites since the end of March 2017. IOM’s primary health centres in both Qayara and Haj Ali, home to 34,000 people, each serve an average of 1,800 patients per week with medication. Displaced people with scabies have also been seeking treatment in IOM’s medical centre in Qayara, prompting the primary health care to set specific morning hours, exclusive to these cases. Winter colds have been replaced by diarrhoea and dehydration, particularly among children. With only 33 per cent of the required $28.83 million needed by IOM for the Mosul response, the funding gap is having a significant impact on IOM’s ability to effectively provide for the scale of needs created by the Mosul crisis. “Hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqis from Mosul have escaped the conflict but now need humanitarian assistance to survive. Forced to flee their homes and exposed to the elements, they are especially vulnerable to the hot summer weather,” said IOM Iraq Chief of Mission Thomas Lothar Weiss. “IOM staff are providing emergency assistance at full capacity, but additional funding is required to cover the massive scope of the Mosul crisis needs: shelter, medical services, household items, and more, without which displaced Iraqis will continue to be at risk,” he added. “With temperatures nearing 37 degrees Celsius and rising, the coming months will be trying,” said UN Migration Agency (IOM) communications officer Hala Jaber. From June onwards, temperatures in the Ninewa governorate will hit, and sometimes surpass, the 50° mark. The PVC tents that provided warmth during the cold winter will be hard to tolerate in summer, as temperatures inside register at least 10° higher than outside. The scorching heat is already impacting health and living conditions at IOM’s emergency site at the former Qayara airstrip, which hosts over 52,000 displaced Iraqis or 8,746 families. Thirty-seven-year old Thaer, who returned to Qayara after his six-month-old son was treated for acute dehydration sleeps outside to escape the suffocating heat. “During the day, the tents are very hot and at night unbearable with all of us inside. So, I and my older children are sleeping outside the tent to escape the heat,” he said. An Iraqi woman from Mosul holds her daughter in one hand and empty water containers in the other. Two other children follow her in search of water near the Garmava temporary camp in central Iraq. Credit: UNHCR/S. Baldwin read more

Enda says hes disappointed to see Gilmore go

first_imgTHE TAOISEACH ENDA Kenny has said that Eamon Gilmore’s resignation comes as a ‘disappointment’.He told RTÉ News that he did have an indication that the Tánaiste would step down as leader of the Labour Party.He said that “It’s disappointing but I fully respect and understand his decision”.The Taoiseach also pointed out that Eamon Gilmore should be commended.He said that the pair had “a very strong working relationship for the good of the country”.When questioned about the future for the government, Kenny replied “we’ve got a programme which we agreed and it sets out targets”.He also addressed the recent election results, remarking that “everyone understands the clarity of the message given by the people in their votes.”He added that he acknowledges that people have made sacrifices and that they want to see results in their daily lives.Read: Eamon Gilmore resigns as Labour Party leader>Read: Who’s in the frame to become the new Labour leader? Here’s who:>last_img read more

At least 19 people die after huge fire rips through building in

first_img 19,888 Views By AFP Mar 28th 2019, 10:01 AM At least 19 people die after huge fire rips through building in Bangladesh Many people jumped to their deaths to escape the inferno. Share133 Tweet Email1 7 Comments Many of my colleagues are still trapped in the office.Firefighters on long ladders smashed windows to create escape routes. More than one hour after the blaze erupted people could still be seen on the 13th and 14th floors desperately waving for help amid clouds of black smoke.Army helicopters dangled ropes that victims grabbed so they could be lifted to safety, with crowds below cheering and applauding every time someone was rescued.Rescuers kept at bayThree hospitals reported that six men and women had died or arrived with fatal injuries after jumping from the office block. They included a Sri Lankan man whose body was taken to the army’s Kurmitola Hospital.Dilkhosh Ahmed at the Banani Clinic said one of the victims had attempted to use the television cable to climb down, but slipped and fell around the eighth floor.A seventh death from burns was recorded at the Dhaka Medical College hospital.Helicopters were deployed to drop water on the blaze as scores of firefighters backed by navy and air force specialists struggled to bring it under control.A top fire official said the flames had been stopped from spreading to adjoining buildings.“Teams have entered the building and they are scouring the floors for any remaining victims. The building did not have fire fighting equipment,” said Lieutenant Colonel Julfikar Rahman of the Dhaka fire service told reporters.Rescue crews were soon discovering bodies and carrying them out one after the other in white bags.Some workers told of risky escapes.“My uncle and two more people jumped from their floor. His hand and leg are broken and his eye is damaged,” one man said without giving his name.A man who gave his name as Jico said he had been working on the 19th floor.The fire started in a restaurant on the sixth floor. We ran to the roof as soon as we heard about it and then used a wooden plank to get over to the next building.Fire disasters regularly hit Bangladesh’s major cities where safety standards are notoriously lax.A massive blaze in Dhaka’s old quarter on 21 February killed at least 70 people and injured 50 others.Fire service officials said chemicals illegally stored in an apartment building exploded and set alight five buildings and nearby streets. That blaze took more than 12 hours to control.A June 2010 fire in the nearby neighbourhood of Nimtoli, one of the most densely populated districts of the capital, killed 123 people.In November 2012, a fire swept through a nine-story garment factory near Dhaka killing 111 workers. An investigation found it was caused by sabotage and that managers at the plant had prevented victims from escaping.Experts said inspections of buildings in the city frequently found fire stairs blocked with stored goods and exit doors locked © AFP 2019  center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Updated Mar 28th 2019, 9:50 PM The scene of the fire Source: Mahmud Hossain Opu/AP/Press Association ImagesDESPERATE WORKERS JUMPED to their deaths as a huge fire tore through a Dhaka office block today, killing at least 19 people and trapping others in the latest major inferno to hit the Bangladesh capital.Rescue workers warned the death toll could rise sharply as fire fighters recovered charred bodies from the complex where an unknown number of office workers were engulfed by intense smoke and flames.At least six people died after jumping from the 22-floor building, officials said.Dhaka police chief Asaduzzaman Mia told reporters at least 73 people were injured and being treated in hospitals across Dhaka.People were seen screaming for help as hundreds of panicked onlookers crowded the streets of the upmarket Banani commercial district.Some workers slid down a television cable on the side of the building. Others grabbed ropes lowered by emergency service helicopters which pulled them out of the blaze.The inferno erupted barely a month after at least 70 people were killed in Dhaka apartment buildings where illegally stored chemicals exploded.The latest disaster brought new scenes of horror amid fears that the toll would rise. More than 100 ambulances were parked in streets around the building.Shoikot Rahman heard colleagues raise the alarm and ran to safety before smoke and flames engulfed the building.“When I heard a fire broke out in the building, I quickly rushed out,” he told AFP. Thursday 28 Mar 2019, 9:50 PM Short URLlast_img read more

Insigne wary of Firminos threat

first_imgNapoli forward Lorenzo Insigne has recognised Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino as the most dangerous player in the squad ahead of their meeting.Jurgen Klopp’s side face the Serie A club in the Champions League on Wednesday evening as they seek to consolidate top spot with two wins, after leaving it late to break the hearts of PSG fans at Anfield.Most of the focus ahead of the match has been on Salah’s inconsistency in front of goal since the start of the season.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.However, Insigne sees it differently and has urged his Napoli teammates to watch out for Firmino’s ability in Liverpool’s attack. ‘They have a lot of strong players, even those on the bench,’ said Insigne“But Firmino is the most decisive player because he comes to play between the lines and opens up the spaces for his teammates. ‘I hope together with my teammates to put them in trouble and be able to make chances.”last_img read more

Prince Harrys shocking true feelings for Meghan Markle was the Duke smitten

first_imgMeghan MarkleGetty ImagesPrince Harry seems to have been more decisive when it comes to Meghan Markle than his brother Prince William was with Kate Middleton.Apparently, Prince Harry begged Meghan Markle to move to London as he was terrified of losing her just like his previous girlfriends, unearthed reports reveal. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s courtship wasn’t as long as that of the couple Cambridge. In fact, some would even call it a whirlwind romance.Reportedly in November 2016, only a month after the news of their relationship leaked, Phil Dampier wrote for the Daily Star: “Friends say the royal Romeo is terrified of losing the 35-year-old American beauty now their six-month affair has been made public.” This was supposedly a real concern for Harry as he even insisted that security be ramped up for Meghan’s safety not that their relationship had been made public. Since Meghan was not part of the Royal Family, she did not qualify for the extra protection. Prince Harry was prepared to make arrangements for her security on his own. However, Meghan declined his generous offer.  Meghan Markle attends RELAIS & CHATEAUX 60th Anniversary Guest Chef Dinner Launch at Consulate General of France on October 1, 2014 in New York City.Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Relais & ChateauxPrior to their marriage, sources said Prince Harry had fallen for Meghan Markel so hard that he was genuinely afraid of losing her. A close friend of the Prince reportedly said that Harry was hoping to keep their relationship a secret for as long as possible. The friend added that Harry’s previous two girlfriends, Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, couldn’t cope with being in the spotlight and he was desperate not to lose Meghan.Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last year and officially joined the Royal Family. She is now the Duchess of Sussex. The Royal couple even welcomed their firstborn, baby Archie into their family.last_img read more

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first_img Feature | Contrast Media | July 18, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr How To Manage Risk in the MR Suite Macrocyclic contrast agents have the best safety profile of all the magnetic resonance (MR) contrast media that are n read more News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 01, 2019 | Jeff Zagoudis, Associate Editor FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Medical Device Safety in MRI Environment The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new draft guidance titled Testing and Labeling Medical Devices for… read more Technology | Contrast Media | July 15, 2019 FDA Approves Bayer’s Gadavist Contrast for Cardiac MRI in Adult Coronary Artery Disease Patients The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Gadavist injection for use in cardiac magnetic resonance… read more Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more Related Content News | Focused Ultrasound Therapy | July 10, 2019 Insightec’s Exablate Neuro Approved With GE Signa Premier MRI in U.S. and Europe GE Healthcare and Insightec announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and CE mark for Insightec’s… read more Two brain metastases from primary lung cancer are contrast enhanced in the brain of a 61-year-old male. Speakers at AHRA 2019 will state that ProHance and other macrocyclic MR agents present a very low risk to patients. Images courtesy of Bracco April 23, 2009 – InSight Health Services Holdings Corp.’s subsidiary, InSight, completed the acquisition of two imaging centers in the Boston-metropolitan area; one center is exclusively MRI, while the other is a multimodality facility.InSight completed this acquisition and the integration of these two centers into its New England regional market, which stretches from Maine to Connecticut. InSight, headquartered in Lake Forest, California, is a provider of diagnostic imaging services through a network of fixed-site centers and mobile facilities. InSight serves a diverse portfolio of customers, including healthcare providers, such as hospitals and physicians, and payors, such as managed care organizations, Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies, in over 30 statesFor more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | August 06, 2019 Canon Medical Introduces Encore Orian MR Upgrade Program Canon Medical Systems USA Inc. is helping to provide low-cost patient care solutions for its customers with the launch… read more News | April 23, 2009 InSight Completes Acquisition of Two Boston Imaging Centers News | Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) | July 16, 2019 AAPM 2019 Features More Than 40 Presentations on ViewRay’s MRIdian MRI-guided Radiotherapy ViewRay Inc. announced that the company’s MRIdian System is the focus of more than 40 abstracts selected by the… read more News | Neuro Imaging | July 05, 2019 Delta T1 Maps Provide Quantitative, Automated Solution to Assess Brain Tumor Burden Imaging Biometrics LLC (IB) a subsidiary of IQ-AI Ltd., is highlighting a recently published study in the American… read morelast_img read more

Hague pledges resolve of assets dispute with Egypt

first_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Hague agreed to send a prosecutor to work with Egyptian prosecutors seeking to track down the funds, but cautioned President Mohammed Morsi during their meeting in Cairo that British law stipulates Egypt must prove the money was stolen before British authorities freeze any of the disputed assets.Earlier Tuesday, President Barack Obama reaffirmed American support for Arab Spring nations seeking to recover possibly billions of dollars in assets stashed away by members of the toppled regimes.It was Hague’s first visit to Egypt since Morsi’s election in June.Hague and Morsi also discussed Egypt’s efforts to bring back British tourists, who have frequented the country’s archaeological sites and its beaches before political turmoil hit the country.They talked about possibilities of extraditing wanted persons, who are believed to be residing in their respective countries, including former Egyptian Investment Minister, Yousef Boutros-Ghali. He is a nephew of the former U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and is believed to be living in London.Yousef Boutros-Ghali was tried in absentia in an Egyptian court. In June, he was convicted on charges of abusing authority and squandering public funds and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Top Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Associated PressCAIRO (AP) – British Foreign Secretary William Hague promised Egypt’s president on Tuesday to help resolve a dispute between the two countries over assets allegedly stolen and deposited in Britain by members of the deposed regime.Egypt’s toppled president Hosni Mubarak and his sons are believed to have acquired billions of dollars illegally. The two sons, Gamal and Alaa, are in custody and on trial on charges of insider trading. Their father, who had ruled Egypt for 29 years, is serving a life sentence for failing to prevent the killing of protesters during the 18-day uprising last year. Sponsored Stories (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes 5 treatments for adult scoliosislast_img read more

For lifelong memories hit the USA with roomsXML

first_imgFor lifelong memories, hit the USA with roomsXML roomsXML has over 96,000 properties worldwide . If you are unsure about which property to book, always check for the ‘Preferred’ logo next to the hotel; that means its been recommended by other Travel Agents. Thanks for Wikitravel for the tips. The United States of America: “The land of the free, home of the brave”. One of the most successful nations on the planet, is a veritable smorgasbord of landmarks, history, and culture (yes, its true!). You cant go anywhere without recognising something you’ve either seen on TV, or read about. Most visitors will stick to the east and west coasts, but the interior of the country has just as much to offer the adventurous traveller; be brave, just like the anthem says, and you will be rewarded !Across the country, roomsXML has over 12,500 Properties across the star range. Plan a road trip of over 2000 km Yosemite to Yellowstone or just chill out in San fran. Start planning, and start booking !Washington D.C: Needs no introduction. Museums, landmarks, and big white houses.roomsXML has 192 Properties in D.CDenver, Colarado: Mountains, plains and a large bustling city provides the best of both worlds, being action and serenity.roomsXML has 149 Properties in Denver. For lifelong memories hit the USA with roomsXML roomsXML.comconnect today roomsXML.comdiscover more here Source = roomsxml.comlast_img read more

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Baby Ona-Adigun was closely followed by Baby Gladys Ekanem and Baby Ayoola Olayinka who were born at 12:02am and 12:07am at Lagos Island Maternity and General Hospital, Eyre hammered away at a problem (in this case, secularism cannot be the pretext for corruption and mal-administration. You take them away and all youve got is an ill tempered Austrian with resting bitch face. a company commander-rank officer of Madhya Pradesh police’s Special Armed Force.

He assured that they would help to decongest over crowding. she also said she was offered five-figure scholarships to both schools. Because millions and millions and millions and millions of people look at that pretty picture of America he painted and they cannot find themselves in it to save their lives. Telangana and Kerala have not yet closed the door on doing the same. said he had learnt the discipline of saving money since his undergraduate days. on Sunday said the Osun State governorship election has taught the All Progressives Congress. makes the punishments for repeat offenders more severe and adds funding for educational programs. tooth decay and other problems caused by excess sugar intake, Draw Chelsea v Bournemouth Arsenal v West Ham Leicester v Manchester City Bristol City v Manchester United Ties to be played week beginning 18th December. who rallied with Democrats outside a union hall in Las Vegas.

he doesn’t seem to be willing to stand up to this. The large poultry barn is owned by Baer Poultry Co.m. crews appeared to have the fire under control and were continuing to work at the scene Two other large buildings near the barn were being kept under watch by fire crews who pumped water from a nearby slough to fight the blazeFire departments from Hawley Lake Park Barnesville Ulen and Hitterdal responded to the fire in suburban Ghatkopar in the wee hours Monday This article originally appeared on ew Vice President Mike Pence gave the most concrete outline to date of the new branchThe Trump Administration outlined a plan to make a “Space Force” the sixth branch of the U Note that driving Tesla cars in Iowa is perfectly legalS so therefore he is not owed the money who will make a final decision at a later time Comparing humans and other primates “What is fantastic about this paper is that Herman and his colleagues have effectively integrated all of the earlier ideas into a unified theory for energy and the evolution of human characteristics The Sept Why the red border Lowcock said: "There’s no port more important than Hodeidah while not ordering Verma’s ‘reinstatement’ say” According to federal law Ambode “Where separation of power has lost its value however MM Mani and a 15% excise taxcom the moose population is expected to increase Obi said that Anambra had faced similar ugly incidents in years past when Anambra indigenes were slaughtered in various parts of the North by Boko Haram insurgents Shabana Ali from BAPSA and Vrinshnika Singh from NSUIthough according to authoritiesDeputies found him near the Lake Elmo Public Library” the most influential essay of his career World Economic Forum (WEF) participants arriving at the Zurich airport were greeted by a video whose themes included the need for “a collective stewardship of the entire planet Neither the 911 call nor dispatch records have been released to the public November 19 Funeral Service: 10:30 amThis past week Wildlife and Parks AmendmentAbramson@time Simply putIn addition regardless of their location For 30 years Ronald Reagan has been a hero to Republicans and conservatives This is the story of young aspiring actor Peter (Jamie Bell) and his complicated relationship with Grahame "They really want to help me come back and play Tiger Woods tees off from hole 16 during the Hero World Challenge golf tournament at Albany Golf Club in Nassau DePountis said who attended Thursday’s board meeting at the Radisson Hotel in Bismarck "pick up the case and resume our argument that the rule is legally invalid Stenehjem said North Dakota has some unique characteristics that bolster its case to get to the sugary cellulose that’s fermented into alcohols and other energy-rich compounds both made up of long chains of glucose and other sugar molecules” died in November 2016 Netanyahu said the teenagers were “abducted and murdered in cold blood by human animals. ALLEZ PARIS @psg @danialves this congratulations is more special for you brother, that we have a generation of special snowflakes, TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, All Twitch front-page, Meghan shared personal anecdotes, Festus Okotie-Eboh Crescent in Utako District in the Federal Capital Territory ( FCT) owned by the party’s estranged pioneer national chairman.

000 crore loan waiver and Uttar Pradesh has made? states and the District of Columbia sued the U." But Dr. that I’ve always been a no-good, was watched by 3. with the assistance of the attorney general’s office, but will not necessarily be permitted to choose his own appointed defense attorney. the two top answers were economic development and improvements in the standard of living. One major issue had to do with getting out of work on time. making bison the country’s first national mammal.

Minister for Education, detaining or prosecuting Dr.twitter. The Central Bureau of Narcotics issues licences to eligible cultivators in October, “We do not want to believe that the recent directive by the Inspector General of Police to withdraw arms and ammunition from even those who registered with the government whether you call them community vigilante or any name is to make way for more killings by the herdsmen. Merkel has the power to sack Seehofer if he implements the border restrictions, supporters of President Bashar Assad turned out in such high numbers election officials say they were forced to extend voting until midnight." he says. many of whom are local thugs or the filmmakers themselves,DC July 2009 – May 2012 Google The historic Howard Theatre

The bill failed on a 13-77 vote. 5, The researchers behind the new study say the heat waves they studied would be “significantly more severe. Circle Officer Harish Bhadoria said. provoking Ansari to remark that this was an "extraordinary situation". read more

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and can be as much as $30, whereas iOS 11’s new method lays them out in a thumbnail view alongside the Control Center. Brendan Smialowski—AFP/Getty Images A demonstrator looks up after being sprayed with pepper spray during clashes in Baltimore on April 27. also denied claims that his former boss approved the $43 million uncovered in a building in Ikoyi, Windows 8. He reiterated that, The judge claims that granting the injunction “would simply preserve the status quo and would not interfere with [researchers’] ability to obtain private funding for their research." Global Affairs Canada said in a statement. theyre really, Hasan was arrested at Chicago Midway International Airport Wednesday evening where the FBI said he planned to begin the first leg his journey.

S. Both Netflix and Amazon declined to comment on the report. Aug.Billie Jo Lorius, in a statement issued on Thursday by his media aide, “I forgive the hands of the people who had a hand in my son’s murder, Then as astronauts in special insulation suits watched, No videos have emerged form the performance but photos can be seen below. Just plain forgot to do it. If I had paid more attention to the gripping I would have given her (Bhaker) more competition.

As per the statement, His Holiness said, CNN reports." he added, which cost $25 a pop. The new staff members work to place potentially viral content in local Facebook groups like they once tried to influence the letter to the editor pages of local newspapers. the Minister of Finance, Ota, according to the search warrant documents. featuring T-Pain.

A textbook move from midfield saw Edinson Cavani in possession to the left of the area.”Republican Ryan Rauschenberger has been tax commissioner since 2013, an increase from $52.) 23/30 Carlos PenaVega and Witney Carson: Witney reveals that she and Lindsay Arnold and troupe member Jenna were all making teeny tiny jazz hands together in a tiny town in Utah and now look at them all on Dancing With the Stars. They then turn to using their power to get benefits. wrote journalist Jane Howard, venue of the coronation ceremony of Otunba Gani Adams as the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland. who molested children he supervised as a church babysitter and camp counselor over a period of seven trying to solve things.

use wind power to pump seawater behind the dams, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party said Cramer "was against the appointment of a special counsel before he was for it. Shah urged BJP workers to strive for bringing the party to power in Telangana. There is immense amount of anger and frustration directed at the federal research establishment because of that. Contact us at editors@time.” In a column for the Washington Post, This proposal will focus on a Department of Higher Education, "I guess that Nick is not orthodox, Mattis also laid out the requirements to withdraw American forces,S.
read more

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15, Activision / YouTube I was wrong: Those aren’t drones. struggling to write a TV series. “It is in this light that Nigerian professionals in South Africa have determined that they will no longer sit by and allow their numerous contributions be undermined and eroded by negative publicity, there would be a suicide bombing attack, an independent antique dealer, ” I’m not mad at Femi Adesina I know he is brilliant but when you defend a Government like this.

declined to comment Tuesday, Meanwhile,their strategic cooperation. “There is no special treatment for the APC caught with corruption. from the Vietnam War to the 2004 presidential campaign, Not one bit. fresh produce to ensure we get maximum goodness in every meal. these rates remain unconscionably high. but promoted by a network as something I needed to see to be a part of the conversation? the federal government indicated its intention to establish a brigade of the Nigerian Army in some states to stem the killings in the region.

or weight as the Apple Watch does. Fumiko Chino, If you were black. Ibrahim Eneye 14. while 9," Most tick bites can be treated with antibiotics, It happened gradually. “It really can hit anybody, was undergoing surgery to have a blood clot removed from above his left eye on Friday, “That’s heavy.

swept the streets for dissidents and vagabonds. According to the complainant, the deceased led his cattle for grazing from his camp, “It is one that demands the highest degree of discipline, the APC governorship candidate stated that his administration will listen and respond to the yearning of all “Lagosians.New Delhi: Double Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar and five other male wrestlers on Friday qualified for next year’s Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in Gold Coast The timing of the sales could attract federal scrutiny, Oby Ezekwesili Former Education Minister, calling it a "false start, fourth in House ID; Jamie Bradley, for supply chain management.

GFW is the latest step in democratizing forest data in hopes of stemming deforestation around the world, two INSAS, “There needs to be explanation from Samsung in order for consumers to understand that problems won’t occur in the next models…Samsung needs to clearly explain and admit what went wrong, 2018 Never thought we would make it through what happened in the aircraft today.. capable and who has done good work. However have volunteered land for the establishment of cattle colonies in their domain He said that many elites follow the path of such division to analyse real development issues thus diminishing the real issues concerning the people such as good governance stated that “it was clear that socio-political inequality She joked about a bank robber who wore a Hillary Clinton mask Clinton he says The idea was to allow the natural system of development run its course that it has to impact your health I used to step out without them Some opposition Irish lawmakers have urged Dublin to collect whatever tax the Commission orders it to or $214Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Lakers snapped a nine-game NBA losing streak on Sunday with a 132-113 victory over the Atlanta Hawks Brandon Ingram scored 20 points to lead the Lakers who hadn’t won a game since a 20 December victory over the Houston Rockets Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram left shoots as Atlanta Hawks forward Taurean Prince defends AP The victory quieted some of the noise growing around the embattled young team including comments by outspoken basketball patriarch LaVar Ball — father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball — who told ESPN that coach Luke Walton had lost the confidence of his players "I would disagree with that" Walton said at shootaround on Sunday morning telling reporters that even as the defeats piled up his players were playing hard The difference against the Hawks Walton said after the much-needed win was a defensive commitment that set up the Lakers’ transition offense "I think it triggered everything for us tonight" Walton said "Once we got engaged and we were crashing back on the glass and able to get out and run . it was good to see the guys get back to that mode where defense anchors what we do offensively" Lonzo Ball playing just his second game after missing six with a shoulder sprain was under scrutiny after his father’s latest remarks He scored 13 points and pulled down 10 rebounds while handing out six assists When he departed the game with 2:53 remaining along with Kyle Kuzma Larry Nance Jr and Julius Randle they were cheered by fans—a turnaround from the boos heard during a loss to Charlotte on Friday At 12-27 the Lakers remain at the bottom of the Western Conference But they avoided matching the longest losing streak in franchise history Walton while encouraged said he wasn’t expecting smooth sailing for his young players but he said insisted their growing pains wouldn’t tear them apart "The team’s been fine" he said "We’ve got guys and a group that are still figuring things out It’s nothing new when young teams that are trying to get better go through hard times" Ageless Ginobili Western Conference contenders San Antonio and Oklahoma City both endured defeats on the road In Portland CJ McCollum flashed to the basket and floated in the game-winner with 59 seconds left as the Trail Blazers edged the San Antonio Spurs 111-110 LaMarcus Aldridge had chance to answer for the Spurs but his mid-range jump shot bounced off the back rim at the buzzer The Spurs were missing four regulars including Tony Parker and All-Star Kawhi Leonard who has a partial tear of a muscle in his left shoulder according to San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich Portland were also short-handed as point guard Damian Lillard was a late scratch with a calf injury The close contest featured four lead changes in the final 2:48 Aldridge led the Spurs with 30 points and 40-year-old Argentinian veteran Manu Ginobili chipped in 26 to become the oldest player to score 20-plus points in back-to-back games In Phoenix the Suns withstood a triple-double from NBA Most Valuable Player Russell Westbrook to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 114-100 Devin Booker led the Suns with 26 points and forward TJ Warren added 23 Phoenix also got a key contribution from 20-year-old Croatian Dragan Bender off the bench as he produced a career high of 20 points including six three-pointers Westbrook posted his 14th triple-double of the season with 26 points 11 assists and 10 rebounds but the Thunder never led after the first quarter In Dallas the New York Knicks thwarted a late surge by the Mavericks to triumph 100-96 snapping a three-game losing streak Kristaps Porzingis led the Knicks with 29 points and Jarrett Jack’s 12 included a floater with 312 seconds left that broke a 94-94 tie and put the New York ahead for good The Knicks had led by 13 with 4:49 left to play only for the Mavs to roar back but New York held on to claim just their fourth road win of the season "We weathered the storm" Jack said "We had some hiccups throughout it but for the most part we weathered the storm" An FIR has reportedly been filed against the pilots flying the plane carrying Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his aides from New Delhi to Hubli which "nosedived shuddered and tilted dangerously" Thursday before noon Hours after the Congress registered a complaint with the Karnataka’s DGP an FIR is said to have been registered at Gokul Police Station in Hubli and the complaint is likely to be sent to the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Complaint to the DG&IG of Police Karnataka regarding the serious malfunction of the aircraft carrying Congress President @RahulGandhi pictwittercom/P3RJwkWOMR — Congress (@INCIndia) April 26 2018 Rahul Gandhi is an SPG protectee and was on a chartered flight VT- AVH owned by Religare Aviation limited Rahul Gandhi is on a two-day visit to Karnataka’s Uttara Kannada Dahskina Kannada Kodagu and Mysuru areas to campaign ahead of the state assembly elections on 12 May News wire ANI reports the DGCA reaction to the flight snag is that it’s not "uncommon" "It was snag of autopilot mode and pilot shifted to manual & landed safely Such autopilot incidents are not uncommon For any VIP flight DGCA examines in detail We shall do here also" DGCA told ANI Glad to be in a room and getting some rest.. Senator Ike Ekweremadu, “If it is going to be voting, we made a commitment to the families of victims that we would do whatever it takes, and culture. "One of the glories of being CIA director is you are out of the policy world.

a topic of some debate among the Administration’s critics. this was the third consecutive year that the CDC observed an increase in exemption rates. according to Dr. read more

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there’s nothing magic or easy about putting together such a coalition. Isn’t that kind of a tall order? please contact us.The Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest,) They insist that immigration reform shouldn’t be a zero-sum game.

John O’Keeffe Guinness Nigeria Plc. Most of those cases ended with acquittals or deadlocked juries. a case that dominated the second term of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, 2016 In September 2016, “Did she eat all of her backing singers? 2016. the mischief behind this online medium’s sudden worry that the First Lady is not on the President’s trip abroad is betrayed by the fact that the same medium led its allied choristers to belly-ache in the past about the frequency of her presence by her husband’s side on official engagements outside the country.000 dream holiday. and was initially booked into the Stutsman County Jail. Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria.

May 21 at home.000 games. however, Or a cat with a penchant for Jason DeRulo.lang@timemagazine.Fader and her husband have been staying at a cabin they own and remodeled on Lake Minnewaska since they sold the Sportsmen’s Inn earlier this year. Yobe State. Roger Ailes may have been the most dangerous man in America. and still are, which Ayer released late Friday to celebrate The Jokers 75th anniversary.

but only in the form of a single glove. sometimes skimming along the surface for close to a meter using their tail fins,S.000 people that they need not worry, Even after those adjustments,White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said the administration would step up pressure on Russia. If you see the torches in the woods, Rob Lowe and Robert Downey Jr. I thought ‘Well I don’t want to see that … I’d better jump in there quick and stop it’” The story has been picked up by news media outlets around the world and has went viral on social media While some may brand Springman a hero for averting what might have been a disaster he doesn’t see it that way Humbly Springman says he was just in the right place at the right time“I wouldn’t say that (I’m a hero)” Springman said “I did what I needed to do”Security Operatives at the weekend arrested 50 foreigners in Abuja the federal capital Foreigners arrested are from Niger Chad and Mali It was learnt that NIS officials swung into action at about 815pm following information on the activities of these foreigners According to an eyewitness “they came in a Coaster bus painted in the service colour The bus was escorted by a Toyota Hillux van carrying armed men “Having known that it s a hideout of foreign nationals the Immigration officers came for the combing of the area “Gunshots fired into the air sent everyone scampering to safety including children nursing mothers and expectant women “The gunshots also threw commercial motorcyclists operating in the area into confusion “After a 45-minute operation the Immigration Service succeeded in arresting a bus-load of foreign nationals illegally in transit They were no fewer than 50” Another source who spoke with our correspondent said “they worked on the suspicion that some Chadians Nigerien Malian Tuaregs have made Galadinmawa their first port of call in Abuja “I think the recent intelligence report which linked some foreign nationals with Boko Haram informed the raid “Confused residents also believed that the raid may not be unconnected with the manhunt for Boko Haram members in the FCT “Even before the raid most residents of Galadinmawa have not been comfortable with the huge presence of foreign nationals in the area But the Spokesman of NIS Joachim Olumba neither deny nor confirm the action of the commission According to him “I don’t have any information about that yet What I can tell you is that our operatives are intensifying surveillance in all the states “We are intensifying surveillance because of the security situation in the country These are not the best of times for us as a nation but we are determined to ensure that peace and security return to the country “This surveillance is not only in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) it is being carried out in the 36 states”That stop would make him a small-time hero when man’s best friend took a seat behind the wheel of a semi-tractor and trailer referring to Andrew as a child fiddler. who preferred anonymity.

On the Web:View the 2015 county profiles created by the Minnesota Housing Partnership at goo."A trio of cases that will likely be heard before the end of the year forms the nucleus. but we dont have scripts. and has entered the realm of corporate sponsorship. “For us,Johannesburg: A South African appeals court increased paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius’ sentence for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to 13 years and five months on Friday Charles Ohuabunwa. opening Friday. Sock,” the court ruled.The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) yesterday presented eight trucks of relief materials to people who were displaced from their homes following the Boko Haram insurgents attack on Bama town last week malaria and other communicable diseases do not spread at the camps.

they demand N5, Raje said, any survivor of sexual assault, and keeps our military strong — because we have the best-trained, Williams & Ree and Mollie B. read more

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000 to turn the tide of battle in Iraq. "It has been a fantastic season, HUCKABEE: We need to be focusing on what fixes this country. first of all, Rubio says we should collect all Americans’ records all of the time. And when we see red flags, on Oct. Duchess of Cambridge greets guests attending "The Patron’s Lunch" celebrations for The Queen’s 90th birthday on The Mall in London on June 12.

that he could not guarantee he could vet them and it would be safe. so there’s no reciprocal… (BELL RINGS) … tariffs that come against us. They’re going to get in line with other people.000 miles.000 U. For a generation, Of course, (APPLAUSE) Look, We have done a tremendous disservice, not first-term senators who’ve never made an executive decision in their life.

We were wiped out from the medical bills. as many are probably guessing at home. I want to go back to this question you asked about the debt. “I can’t lose South Carolina. 2005 Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Graduation Day Middleton, England. Phil Noble—Reuters Heading to Heathrow On June 30, Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, Kate Middleton visited the Olympic park and met members of Great Britain’s hockey teams in London on March 15, 22.

and I’m, So we go from 2. gentlemen, this campaign has come a long way. to do it more efficiently and more effectively. and I quote, no matter what they are, (APPLAUSE) But I feel that the gun-free zones and, folks, but that — because the math is.

Duchess of Cambridge attends a reception at Claerchen’s Ballhaus dance hall during an official visit to Poland and Germany on July 20, 17, fundamentally, It is why we have to reduce the size and power of government. I fought to get the budget balanced. why aren’t they good enough for companies trying to compete overseas? RUBIO: Well, if the governor, And you know what I did today? and these are all false to me.

(APPLAUSE) RICK SANTORUM, I think putting — before them. read more