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  • The use of user experience to target the keywords ranking before the break 5


    to share my experience, hope you can live in the present Shanghai dragon, also hope you please leave the original 贵族宝贝tangowood贵族宝贝.cn/ address, thank you support, please respect the copyright of

    ! !

    I live in the present is currently engaged in the wedding photography industry of Shanghai dragon, you can see the word Beijing wedding photography search results quickly reached 6 million, wedding photography quickly reached 100 million, that how to bring their ranking a breakthrough? > let me introduce the case, I is the entry of new Shanghai dragon, as long as I have seen before on an article (to the old Shanghai dragon Er article: don’t look down on the new Shanghai dragon) I know, is the station of candy photography, in half a month ago the word into the Beijing wedding photography home around eighth ninth, why this week Beijing wedding photography which I occupy first place? And in the area of Beijing is also the first wedding photography I search it? Here’s what I experience? Please master Shanghai Dragon said the wrong point to

    is the first thing I have to say we all know, Shanghai dragon is most often say a word, user experience, right, is this sentence, some people ask, how can I control the user’s search? Listen to live in the present Shanghai dragon is how to understand in the said so! Are you standing target words to enter the Shanghai love home, we have to remember that the article below I will no longer refer to the user’s search! We can not control, but we can allow users to search for a word, for you to stand on the search results! You know what I mean this will mean that this! To speculation, like some time ago special fire LY Shanghai Longfeng, began his ranking is to enter into a home, not ranked in the top three, we all think this is a free, many people through the hype, discussion Why he can get to the home page, you have to love the sea search Shanghai dragon, to see his ranking, and then went to his station to study his station, he will do this effect, we all love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, and then click the LY station, then it does not love Shanghai for the second time search, love Shanghai that you find the website you want, it is this station is the users want, the user experience is so large that! In search, and then went straight to his station, search Shanghai dragon word almost into his station, so that the love Shanghai station user experience is good, then his station directly over Shanghai dragon why then more than love into the Shanghai encyclopedia first! And then K is because he means black hat! If your station is the regular army, then use this The way into the top three should not be a problem, depending on how you

    The practice of share Shanghai Longfeng analysis after single operation process planning

    3, website production, is a dynamic website, or pseudo static, or static? Don’t doubt that the effect of

    1, website development history: domain name registration date, and for the new domain, and the domain name registration institution. For the domain name registration date, and whether the new domain name, Shanghai dragon Er all that represents what, here is not to do that. Then the influence of the domain name registration institution is what? I want to say is DNS


    here’s just ignore the first details on the industry analysis, the former must have a certain understanding, we just say some of the process followed by sexual problems:

    people as the main body of the operation planning can win economic benefits in website construction and optimization, obtain high income. There is also a part of the market for meet website optimization and seek value, these people are called Shanghai dragon er. Through the search engine rules of exploration, make reasonable optimization scheme on site command ranking to improve. The optimization may be familiar with the flow of the veterans after receiving orders to do. How new Shanghai Longfeng Er planning to customers a satisfactory answer? In accordance with the scheme optimization, to improve work efficiency, and professional occupation.

    : a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of

    2, the web server: what is the site of the IP (Telecom or China Unicom or multi line or CND acceleration, and is independent of IP); the server type is: virtual host VPS or host independent XOR (its configuration is high, its performance is also better natural); site stability analysis (site stability, always it is a fatal factor, influence the site development a needless to say); with the IP website (a point can not be ignored with the number of IP sites is less, the optimization effect is more effective), presumably not many people to take independent IP do the dumpster!

    3, website optimization analysis: whether experienced optimization, the effect how, how the effect of ranking. And the website experienced many times before and after the revision, changed some of what kind of content, a recent revision or replace the server on that day.

    stability is very important!The analysis of

    analysis of 2, the website structure, whether there is uneven distribution of weight phenomenon of website structure, whether the implementation of the tree structure category

    site if there are TAGS tags, site map, Robots.txt files, etc. classification is beneficial to optimization function or plug-in search search engine advantage.

    three: site orientation and thematic analysis

    two: website structure optimization analysis


    language, ASP PHP and even influence the XOR, encoding can be more or less part of the search engine optimization effect.

    1 of the website, is very big!4,

    site location >

    websiteThe analysis of

    Watch the search engine algorithm Bibi clouds calm

    usually pay attention to more exchange links, link exchange standard, has decided to snapshot, PR, keywords ranking, the site correlation, we can according to their own circumstances and capabilities, but here we must understand, in fact, a site of good and bad, the weight is high, there is no much difference and our own people, if my friends are good, I also not bad, if my friends are businessmen, that we’re not far from the business at the same time, if we know the bad guys more, we go there or not.

    …We usually do

    only keep a good attitude, a calm state of mind, can not get lost, remember in the search engine algorithm in search engine change unpredictably, regardless of profit point where it is heading for the majority of users of the service, so long as the right of Shanghai Longfeng, our ranking will get a good result.

    finally, we must pay attention to the construction of the chain in Shanghai, we know that the dragon "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence is not without reason, but also to strengthen the construction of internal links, so as to form strong internal links, let stand inside of the weight of each other, step by step to improve the search engine rankings, finally realizes the network marketing plan.

    search engine optimization, must be a good choice for their own words, not popular keywords, long tail keywords is not good, to combine their own site size is decided, don’t try to coverage, concentrate on doing a keyword, not only can quickly see the effect, while increasing their in Shanghai Dragon’s confidence.

    : 贵族宝贝hndfzj贵族宝贝 brick

    This paper comes from

    adhere to the update of the original or false original article writing, every day only one original articles, setting up a blog, add more living community, through the soft Wen recommend own site, increase the chain number and related domain information, improve the site’s weight.

    in Shanghai Longfeng actually and playing the stock and foreign exchange are similar, with the experience of the heart to play, sometimes sometimes wrong, tread on air, to the change in the status quo, we can do is to watch a calm, maintain a good attitude, wait, for many beginners, this experience the process is simply metamorphosis, piercing hard, to believe that as long as the Kung Fu deep… ~_~

    The webmaster, we want to develop your mind.

    we want to do it unique, to have a brand effect. For example, Lu Songsong, we all know, the beginning is unknown, slowly on the people know, slowly is omniscient. Although this time is a bit long, people have the ability to persist. Do imitation stations are basically siwuquanshi, can do new in order to be different based, what people have Internet, what can be done, to see is to understand the development of.


    Shanghai, the most important thing is to have good analytical skills, I said yes, do not believe you look down. Should first turn to lay the foundation, your website can not code out of order, but website should be concise and clear, prominent theme, code clear, probably is the base of these.

    贵族宝贝shenwang001.net/other/849.html Shenzhen: Shanghai dragon, please keep forwarding links, welcome to discuss.

    we have huge resources, what can we do? What our website in the front row? We fight over people resources fight? No, this is not feasible, but most people are still in the original hair, the hair of the chain. I just said, why some people are not included, the chain is not much, but the ranking is very good? It is enough to prove, do not have to be fully in line in front of resources. But we still have to accumulate our natural resources. Do you know what I mean?

    optimization, we first consider a question: analysis of the top three competitors, why they are in the top three. Second: how to make our website in the front row, talent shows itself in many websites. Well, you have probably the blueprints… I emphasize that we are not here to imitate others.

    The original For

    often see some of Shanghai dragon articles in each big Adsense BBS, but rarely found are all the dry cargo, offer all kinds of things, in addition to the original, or original, in addition to the high quality chain, high quality or the chain. I want to be a word, why some sites not included, the chain is not much, and was ranked in the front row of

    every day someone asked, how to do the K website? What keywords row up? Why love Shanghai not included? Why ranking fell one hundred thousand, why, oh… It’s all about keywords, included, right down, excessive optimization, drainage, original, chain. Every day, who is very powerful, do rankings are good, who are newbier, the number of monthly income of W, there are many people in the misleading of countless people every day. Of course not, but not those spam posts, real dry cargo less and less, who will share out, up to you a little bit of thinking, think to yourself. What things are not dead, insist, but also to understand the transformation of thinking.

    Webmaster forum station, love Shanghai DZ plug-in to upgrade

    finally attach plug-ins use and operation steps:

    . This is an advertisement, but the ad without consumption, but can help you get more traffic. First, think about the following questions:

    2, such as has not been deployed love Shanghai station search user, click the "login" can be completed at the same time to realize the functions of data submission and 4> forum.

    if you are not aware of the love of Shanghai DZ plugin, but please you know: the above problem this plug-in can be easily achieved.

    special tips: 1, as has been deployed to love Shanghai station search box, and set the style of the site, after installing the plugin can realize fast submit forum data, can ignore the "login";

    of course, if you love Shanghai Discuz! The old user structured data plug-in, you think it is nonsense. But please don’t go, the upgrade included to enhance the timeliness, and submit the relevant data and user support forum, in addition to let you easily have fall in love with the sea search — yes, that is based on love Shanghai powerful search technology, realize the search results to show China Lili structured, supported by user according to section search benefits of a set of the love Shanghai station search! A new version of the DZ plugin that allows you a key deployment, eliminating all kinds of troubles.


    you know the content of your site can be in love Shanghai web search results in a structured form of


    2, enter the Discuz! – love Shanghai backstage application structured data submission page

          A5 station network April 1st news recently, Shanghai Webmaster Platform said love love Shanghai Discuz! Structured data plug-in will upgrade, the upgraded DZ plugin to enhance the love of Shanghai included the timeliness, and submit the relevant data and user support forum, in addition can also deploy love Shanghai station search, improve station search performance.

    you know the website to submit data to love Shanghai there was an "automatic" channel




    to Discuz! 贵族宝贝addon.discuz贵族宝贝/ @baidusubmit.plugin 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/dataplug/index application center? Or download and install the latest version of the Discuz plugin for 1.0.7

          the announcement is as follows:

    3, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform registered account click "login", you can open the love Shanghai search

    how your web site in Shanghai included the effect of speed?? content?

    The search engine is how to look at the reverse link (below)

    page retention time: if the user clicks on a link and >

    changes: changes in content, especially the change of the subject, then the effect will reduce the reverse link. General web content is increased without change, especially the large scope of the theme of change, will be on their own ability to vote is changed.

    link duration: Overall, the long link has more advantages. In general, a link at least 4 weeks or more to play a role, so the longer the more links can play good role. If the time is very short, it may disappear in the search engine has not been calculated.

    hits: click on the link rate from some aspects determines the importance of links, click on the behavior of the user will be search engine statistics, click on the link will be understood as more popular with users, so the importance and authority will give extra points.


    domain name transfer times: although everyone has been concerned about the impact of macroeconomic factors ranked, but here and we put the number of enumerated domain name transfer. Baby for noble domain registrar qualifications, but does not directly provide registration service users, the aim is to get the domain name registration information through this initiative. Love Shanghai has plans in this regard. If all of the domain name has not changed, indicating the site in continuous operation, it will be cumulative trust. Once the hands, its trust will also be affected, search engines need to reconsider. So even if some domain name is very old, but was sold much, quality also decreased.

    link components: if the reverse link of a website are from BBS signature, blog comments, then this link is clearly not too much weight, would be regarded as spam links, if there is some other site links are recommended from the text or blog, then the search engine will be a plus.

    reverse link page other links: not only one page of the ability to vote is decided by its own weight, but also will be affected by the export link. If the link is a high quality website, would increase their ability to vote. If the link are garbage station, then the role will be reduced.

    Whether the contents of

    is in the search engine is how to look at the reverse link (on), from nine aspects respectively summarized, respectively is the number of links and the ability to vote, increase speed, content, pages, anchor text, text, links around the location, domain name age. These conditions have decided the quality of reverse link, then the above article continues today and share with you.

    Effect of

    for the first time included time: This is a detail, the domain name is earlier, the page to be made sooner, so this page is more likely to trust, from these pages link value will be increased. Because the original page generally do not exist or link cheating behavior, so the search engine gives a higher degree of trust.

    Why hackers attack website

    website right down topics:


    solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

    keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

    – Money: in January 23, 2008, the Sohu of Beijing Internet Information Services Limited found more than 80 game account abnormal "Denon eight", aware of hacking immediately to the public security organ IP addresses belonging to the Wuhan city police. The public security organs cracked, two Wuhan "hacker" Xiamou, Fumou from December 2007 to March 2008, the company has repeatedly invaded Sohu media server and steal "Denon eight points in the game" 2 million, after sales, the illegal profits more than 76 yuan.

    : high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

    want to show off: on the night of March 8, 2012 at about 9:30, the portal website of the Ministry of education 贵族宝贝moe.edu.cn/ open after the corresponding page does not appear, but there is a like a white screen page, which only a few words with grammatical errors English: " Hello i’m helen.I from Nanchang.hacker is; Me.Hacked by:Helen QQ:305536XXX".


    special chain optimization:

    – make practical joke: 2013 01 month 21 noon, users found that Jingzhou City Land Resources Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau directly under the site was "black" leadership meeting was replaced with photos of young men wearing black glasses photos, the right hand man than a "V" shape and gesture, smile at the camera, on the side "I’m 2Bhelen" text. The same evening, the official website of the government returned to normal.

    "is for money, show off, general dissatisfaction or want to make practical joke." A white hat hacker (refers to the network technology defense people) told the Beijing News reporter, perennial hacker hidden in the corners of the Internet, the behavior rules of their elusive, but almost all outside the above four.

    user experience: after studying these topics, you can understand as a webmaster > seconds

    – dissatisfaction: · the evening of December 28, 2011, Mengniu’s official website was once the "black", in order to denounce the recent "Mengniu Dairy Quality", claiming to be members of the SIT team to hang out in the official website 14 for Mengniu to denounce, which wrote "Mengniu had Chinese strong, once let Chinese proud. China their milk prices, but now their own pit." Then, Mengniu has always been in the official website can not open the page ".

    Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:


    optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

    The weight of BR from 4 to 1 optimization webmaster can think of.

    now is a ten, shopping festival, rich life, poor owners are still struggling in the first line! At this moment, dare not think small balance on Alipay, but the recall of a website, it is a unforgettable story. Yes, love Shanghai BR weight from 4 to 1, leading the optimization webmaster can think of what things? Please listen to me carefully……

    do not think, because of programming, immediately contacted a programmer, 800 yuan to do a website. At the same time, thinking about the trouble, buy a space in Hongkong. 2014 is a year of struggle. What no new basic station promotion, all in the plateau and the update. In addition to the Spring Festival or special things, keep 4 more every day (late 2 or more). There are efforts to return the love of Shanghai weight eventually rose to BR4, many tea industry ranked first.

    this is a tea specialty site, built in November 2013, is the first truly small business small project! As everyone knows, Ma and other chiefs have said more than once, the future belongs to the health industry, green food, or rural electricity supplier would not develop so fast. Plus small home tea, efficacy and effect of Camellia Oil know how strong. So, do a website to think, perhaps the success of

    ? ?

    1, love Shanghai update too slow. Such a serious horse events, still need a year’s time. In Shanghai dragon Er mind, love is like Shanghai is equal to anything, "the inconstant in policy". Actually otherwise, love Shanghai data update too slow. So, the webmaster do not impatience, it is not necessary to see Shanghai dragon ranking data live every day. You are right, stick to it, lasting a little, will surely return. As for business, think of short-term effect, unless you have a lot of resources.


    2014 August, Ali cloud host, for the record, join the love of Shanghai alliance. In fact, during this period, the heart of this website has been abandoned. In 2015 January, due to their inability to sell the site distracted. Then, find buyers for horse, home 1 seconds to jump to Bo Cai grey website. Half a year later (end of October), love Shanghai data update, weight from 4 to 1 BR, almost no ranking.

    3, selling sites also have to think clearly. The site sold, does not matter, there are.

    2, a website before the layout. Good website, operation is not easy, more difficult to modify. A small series of tea website, start thinking about the specialty business, can not think of the actual operation is very difficult, at least not to fix the "part-time". Then, want to do Wangmeng, but because the keywords limit too little, not to give up the revision.

    BR from 4 to 1, small (owners) can think what

    According to the website

    BR website weight from 4 to 1

    The link anchor text links more than URL

    first, the effect of link page in the search engine rankings in effect, but the effective degree of the link anchor text and a good result is better than the URL link;

    Da three: construction site outside the chain, the anchor text links than the pure URL link.

    Da: in the same situation, personally feel that in process of construction site outside the chain, anchor text link link better than pure URL. The anchor text is the essence of Shanghai dragon, and it is in the search engine ranking algorithm are more important, generally applicable to large website. The anchor text is actually the keyword plus the form of a hyperlink, URL, spider climb to another and the relevant page through the anchor text links. This web page and the page keyword importance has improved, so as to improve the keywords ranking.

    third, the anchor text is the key skill, increase the flow of the keywords, can guide the user to understand the anchor keywords.

    anchor text:

    keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to learn the most practical and keywords >

    "content is king, the chain for the construction of the chain of the emperor" is the webmaster every day job, stationmaster people have not considered the form of the chain, the chain form is more conducive to the operation of the site, the common anchor text links and pure URL links, the chain that way better?

    Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

    second, next to the anchor text for the link text if there is URL that is better, better user experience, users see the anchor text, you can see the text points in the address of the

    Talk about the benefits of


    2, the anchor text link next to the text in the best place on URL. Next to the anchor text links if there is text that is URL better, the more effective the "vote" action, as one vote and a family vote as. And better user experience, users see the anchor text, you can see the text points in the address. In summary, the link anchor text links more than URL.

    1, a link to search engine is the "vote" vote the size and degree of authority directly affects the ranking page in the search engine’s Web site, the anchor text voting is direct and effective, the URL link is effective, but the effectiveness and reach the effect was not as good as the anchor text link.


    link anchor text links are better than URL

    Da two: anchor text and the chain needs to have a pure, anchor text has a high quality, but it is difficult to query, the chain through the search engine instruction queries to facilitate statistical records. In the anchor text and even have advantages and disadvantages, for example: for the anchor text in the soft, increase the reader’s experience, link for exposure, for example: the soft end from a certain website.

    These years, the excavator algorithm, these reflections

    in fact, the so-called algorithm, personally, I have a colleague said is right: the so-called algorithm, is not to say that the mathematical model of the complex is the algorithm, even a simple formula for you to write, as long as can solve the existing business pain points, with the model of their own ideas. It is an algorithm, but it may not be universal, can only solve specific business needs.


    in large-scale data under the premise of many complex algorithms, but the effect is not so good, or that we will find ways to simplify the process.

    , all these years, I opened the excavator

    (1) the first contact should be the classification of Bias

    a simple hypothesis: chestnut has a number of large data sets, it nearly million blog as an example. If you provide a blog, let you go with the highest similarity query top N, that is what we usually thought? The usual practice is to calculate the similarity of this blog and other articles, the calculating method of similarity on the lot, is the most simple calculation of the vector angle, based on the vector angle similarity degree. OK, even if you use the most simple calculation process, you imagine the operation of nearly 10 million times how long it takes? Perhaps, some people say, I use Hadoop, using the distributed computing capability to accomplish this task, but if the actual operation, you will find that this is what an awful thing.

    to write this article, from a few days ago within the Department members of an internal departments involved in some existing algorithms of review and finishing. But the comparison is embarrassed, because boss is not in the discussion, we became the Tucao conference, it is half the time in the product and business department Tucao ~ ~ but this is a gratifying thing, it can also be seen as our data Department, has been held by the light excavator digging deep into the stage walk.

    give a simple chestnuts (well, eat chestnuts): such as SVM, this is a difficult convergence of the algorithm, in the premise of big data, some people want to use it, but want to use more data to train the model, after all, his data amount is too large, many people still want to use the training data as much as possible, in order to achieve the purpose of the model is more accurate. However, with the increase of the amount of training data, such as SVM to the convergence of the algorithm, the cost of computing resources is very great.

    ! >

    said the drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters so much, since a sort of work has not been completed

    so, take the opportunity, but also on their own contact, understand, or do some sorts of things to do a sort algorithm. In fact, personally, do the algorithm itself is not born, in college, it is a network of learning some more, but I do not know what data mining algorithm.