Free Internet business guide on this Saturday’s Nanjing home

this year is known as China’s creation of the opening of the year, many young people began their entrepreneurial dream. You still want to start but have no knack of the situation? Nanjing entrepreneurship salon for interested entrepreneurs ariadne.

to follow masters to learn to use the Internet business? On Friday, the Nanjing family inn launched a free business salon activities, interested friends can quickly register.

It is reported that the

, entrepreneurial salon theme of how the Internet traffic into consumption ", aims to explore the Internet profit model, especially how the virtual traffic into real income". Activity time is December 18, 2015 (Friday) 18:00 – 20:00; venue in the Qinhuai District of Xinjiekou Zhongshan South Road, Lane 1 building B598 edinburgh. In addition, the Nanjing family inn also invited a small class coffee CEO Xu Jun served as the keynote speaker of the entrepreneurial salon. Xu Jun was the co-founder, copper pea friend said network technology CEO technology, Internet has many years of experience, is committed to using "Internet plus" for the retail industry transformation.

interested, quickly enroll! Registration phone: money teacher: 13337729695, 025-84501727; Zhou teacher: 025-85361082.

Free commonweal salon, entrepreneurs to guide a smooth road ahead, help confused entrepreneurs to correct positioning of their own learning, due to the business model of Internet era. Illuminate the future with dreams.

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Eye mask ten brands list

eye skin is the most delicate, in order to better care, many people will choose to do a variety of eye mask, so that the eye mask market brands are also up. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of eye mask, to the needs of consumers in this industry can make a better reference.

eye mask ten brands list NO.1, Borghese Borghese – Borghese (Beijing) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.:

in 1965, Italy, the world’s leading beauty care brand, combined with Italy’s classic beauty and modern emotional tradition, Borghese (Beijing) Cosmetics Co., ltd..

eye mask ten brands list NO.2, Sisley Sisley – Sisley (Shanghai) cosmetics trade Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1976 in France, known as Concealer brand, the world’s makeup brands, luxury skin care brand leader, Sisley (Shanghai) cosmetics trade Co., ltd..

eye mask ten brands list NO.3, Estee Lauder – Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd.:

EsteeLauder, in 1946, the United States, one of the world’s largest skin care cosmetics and perfume company, the world brand, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trade Co., ltd..

eye mask ten brands list NO.4, Lancome LANCOME – L’OREAL (China) Co., Ltd.:

in 1935, L’OREAL group’s brand, the world’s leading cosmetics brand, the French national treasure cosmetics brand, L’OREAL (China) Co., ltd..

eye mask ten brands list NO.5, Shiseido SHISEIDO – Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd.:

in 1872, the cosmetics industry’s high-end brands, the world’s leading brands, one of the largest cosmetics production companies in Japan, Shiseido (China) Investment Co., ltd..

eye mask ten brands list NO.6, Clinique Clinique – Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1968, the United States, one of the largest skin care cosmetics and perfume company, the world’s top cosmetics brand, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trade Co., ltd..

eye mask ten brands list NO.7, AVON AVON – AVON (China) Co., Ltd.:


How much money to join the South North powder

pasta now join the choice of the project, has been very business opportunities, with popular choice. How about South flour? Worthy of trust! Moreover, the south of the North came out, or very popular, with the choice of business opportunities! Join the North South powder? What are you hesitating about?

South flour to join the north to how much money? Now, the company has successy developed a sound project development system, a mature market development and shop building operation service system. More than 60 professional management personnel, senior technical personnel in the industry. The international premium dining management division Mr. Chen Runlin as the company CEO; at the same time, distinguished Dean, the only southwest Chongqing. The earliest special pastry Master Mr. He Yuzhu as the project consultant; enjoy the "Sichuan snack house" of the family, He Yuzhu closed the master son Mr. Qiao Guangjie personally served as technical director. The company has also set up a market development center, logistics and distribution management center, product development center, store operations service management center, direct management center, and other functional departments. Strong team of experts and excellent service team has laid a good position in the company’s industry.

South North powder to join much? Based an unprecedented success in the first company in the summary of Chinese style fast food fast successful development experience in the Chinese style fast-food business on the introduction of fast food franchise in the most advanced, followed by scientific management, standardized production system, the characteristics of fast food chains Chinese most investment value with the fastest speed to become the development. With less investment, quick effect, low risk, high return franchise concept, to provide a comprehensive guide to the franchise investment guidance services, the most perfect and powerful shop support and the most standardized and effective operational guidance. "Transfer, sharing of successful brands, classical delicacy achievements of the cause of you and me" is always the goal of the first person.

South flour to join the north how much money to have a solid foundation of the company’s first pay special attention to product innovation, constantly beyond. According to the people’s eating habits between North and south, organized a group of experts in nutrition and dietary experts of traditional folk delicacy from the recipe to the taste, from products to nutrition, from the dining environment to shape the culture were studied with the range of integrated, so as to determine the "Shoujia company – South North powder" fast health, nutrition, fashion, comfortable, delicious management style. The processing of the production of a variety of standardized features 80 products have been favored by the vast number of consumers, consumers have been hailed as the most innovative representative of Chinese fast food. The company has 6 outlets, more than 200 stores. Each store has successy used the QSC system model.

South North powder to join how much money? The company has always adhered to "create quality, brand share, common development and achieve win-win" business philosophy in the development, and constantly improve the enterprise image, and strive to build the core competitiveness of products, so that each franchisee can.

Entrepreneurs how to explore business opportunities around

want to invest in business, be sure to pay attention to observe the entrepreneurial business side of what is there, only a good grasp of the opportunity to become rich, will become possible to become rich. Explore entrepreneurial opportunities, can be summarized in seven ways. Through the analysis of special events, to explore business opportunities

Through the analysis of

by the trend analysis of population statistics, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities

by changing values and cognition, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities

by the production of new knowledge, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities

Grasp the content of entrepreneurship to open a small restaurant no problem

as long as people need to eat, then the restaurant will always have the value of existence, so do not eat food and beverage business behind. For a lot of money on hand is not well-off investors, venture to open a small restaurant good. So how to open a small restaurant? You know how to do that.

through the above criteria, determining the place of business, project, scale, in order to clear the favorable and unfavorable aspects of their competitiveness, do well, really understand the competitive environment determines the profit or loss.

The basic requirements of

1. focus on quality, refers to food quality, service quality, environmental quality

2. coordination, such as fish hot pot shop, it is necessary to fish or a kind of fish based, it is necessary to focus on the fish hot pot, do a good job of service, improve the environment, and highlight its characteristics. This is critical, customers eat, not only to eat and drink, but also the kind of environment.

3. business to ensure long-term plan, small restaurants, competitive, 2 – 3 years of good times, adaptability, competitive.

4. if after investigation found that their strength is small, poor competitiveness, it is necessary to avoid competition, which is a better way of development. For example, in the absence of a restaurant in the location of the shop, or in addition to you, others can not rent a shop.

difference performance: location; time (morning, noon, afternoon, midnight); project management (Hot pot, Boiled dumplings.

Jennifer of Korean women women love to join

beautiful women’s clothing, for the beauty of women, is a great temptation. If you choose to join the venture to join the project, is a very advantageous choice. How about ajeni Korean women? High quality women’s clothing, the best choice for successful business.

The design idea of

ajeni international fashion fusion, make the brand concept. Fashion design is different from the traditional Korean women, ajeni strong design team, can bring a more personalized, fashion design concept for the brand. At the same time, a number of well-known Korean women and South Korea ajeni project headquarters of clothing brands, fashion design concepts will be introduced into domestic, to ensure that the design ajeni women always walk in the forefront of fashion.

Korean women will ajeni international fashion and Oriental female characteristics combined weave in line with the modern aesthetic taste of fashion clothing art, Jennifer of Korean women creating new women’s life philosophy, highlight: " fresh, natural, romantic, fashion style, " for every woman to create their own charm. Make you love fashion, love ajeni Korean women


ajeni Korean women to join an open their own ajeni fashion stores, simple way to join the selection of high-quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of our choice, we should pay attention to. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

From a monthly salary of 57 yuan to net worth of migrant workers in case of a business story of 100

a successful venture, behind are full of hardships, in the face of difficulties and hardships, only the courage to have the possibility of success. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a migrant workers to make millions of net worth story, from a monthly salary of 57 yuan to net worth of 1 million, he is how successful? Let’s take a look at Chen Yanhua’s entrepreneurial story!

20, a migrant workers from the printing binder, a monthly salary of 57 yuan dry, until the net worth of 1 million hair salon owner, not all investment mistakes once again, from nothing to millions of assets building materials industry star. Yesterday, Wuchang Liangdao Street offices for he will be declared as "outstanding migrant workers".

The 42 year old Chen Yanhua

back to the starting point


2010 years, he took the form of shares, to raise the cost of a set of open shop. That year, just the beginning of the construction of the construction market, he quickly signed up. It is reported that now his suit store business has been on track, assets reached 1 million.


A good time to join a successful business Home Furnishing

with the continuous expansion of the real estate industry, with the rise of the home industry. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the home market? Good project, good choice. So, the small business choose to join the home market? The best bet is not it?

Home Furnishing now join the market style design is advocating elegant fashion, so modern home decoration looks very similar style. Home buyers are now investing in just to catch up with the development of the home to join the rising period, you can continue to enrich themselves, and constantly absorb more market. We have to be able to break through a better development, the time is never to see the future development.

Le lacquerware wish Kerry’s superb technology, integration of aristocratic low-key and neoclassic romantic, reveals the plain elegant, give a person with deep introverted and vigorous natural beauty, subtlety that Le Yijia Home Furnishing join jewelry has decoration and detail of the whole human, and concise, smooth and bright. Is to have, for the modern people, the ultimate life of luxury goods. Design and implement of headquarters to assist clients to carry out temporary promotion plan, regularly launch a nationwide brand image promotion, product promotion, let you Home Furnishing franchisee investment fell in love with the project development, and better able to own small business.

is close to the life of modern furniture design, young buyers are more fashion, more is the pursuit of quality of life. Le Yijia Home Furnishing alliance is the demand for such young buyers was born, for the young buyers demand is the development direction of investment.

high quality entrepreneurial projects, small entrepreneurial choice to join the home, open a home belonging to their own stores, shop is earned! Business hot, good projects, good choice, you are still hesitant what?

Female entrepreneurship project – the whole inventory

modern women have to invest in their own business trends, have to find the right industry and projects, hoping to promote their own business development. Women have a lot of entrepreneurial projects, some of the more popular, it is worth investing in the project you pay attention to it? Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to provide some reference for you.

beauty of the heart, in everyone, especially some female consumers, attaches great importance to personal image. Therefore, we can choose to open a beauty Museum, specifically for the beauty of the people to provide beauty services, the latter can also be extended to health care, expand the business, which can also create more profits. This project just need to choose a good location close to the consumer, do not worry about traffic.

With the implementation of

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A spicy hot pot shop how much money

investment in the food industry to do business, as long as the proper operation, often can have a good market, because of this, and now there will be a lot of people want to enter the food market. Of course, no matter what kind of business we invest in, we also need to look at the shops need investment funds. So, how much money to open a spicy pot shop? Now spicy pot has been a lot of people’s favorite, so there is a very good market prospects, then, ready to invest in hot pot restaurant people, it is necessary to see how much money to open a spicy pot shop!

open spicy incense pot shop rent

rents vary according to the different position of the address, according to the general location, about a month rent of 4000 yuan, with half a pay to calculate, for the first time to pay the spicy hot pot store rent requires 24000 yuan.

open spicy incense pot shop renovation costs

spicy pot shop store decoration, including store renovation and store facilities. A general store wall and door decoration, is down to about 15000 yuan fee, and about 5000 yuan, the kitchen needs about 4000 yuan, three total is 24000 yuan.

opened the first purchase of spicy pot shop

opened, spicy pot shop always want to buy some ingredients and spices, such as vegetables, rice, meat, etc., about the first time you need to purchase 3500 yuan.

of course, open spicy incense pot shop, but also need to prepare some liquidity to prepare for a rainy day, the minimum liquidity needs to prepare 2000 yuan. Plus some scattered mixed overhead, how have 1000 yuan, in so doing, a spicy hot pot shop, how have the investment of 60 thousand yuan.

these are the people who build their own brand, and then completely in accordance with their own ideas to shop when the budget. But in the current era of entrepreneurship shop, many people will choose to join the way. So, small series to the investment budget, is not in the case of joining, if you choose a brand to join, join fee is also an expense. In short, the opening of spicy pot shop is not a small investment, but also need to have sufficient funds to prepare entrepreneurs oh.