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  • New sites to quickly get traffic You may wish to do so

    , in response to new station how to quickly get traffic before, I would like to ask you, where do you think the maximum flow, operation site of friends must know, it must be love Shanghai, and a few products in Shanghai, we love the novice site can use products but also love Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar know love. So how to use love and love to know Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar to their new sites for flow? The question I know and I will use Post Bar divided by two parts to talk about specific.

    In fact,

    railway station, how to quickly get traffic, this is to make every novice webmaster are quite a headache, but in my blog, often there are a lot of new friends asked me to tell you the truth, I want to tell him, but time is limited, plus they are newcomers, simple talk about it may not be able to understand, so you want to write an article on the new sites to quickly get traffic such an article, and to communicate with you.

    next, we come to talk about the love of Shanghai know.

    first, we’ll talk about the love of Shanghai Post Bar.

    love Shanghai, has become the people of our generation’s most basic living habits, whether in life or work, do not understand, do not understand the love of Shanghai, has become the most It is quite common for things, it is precisely because of this, imagine the sea know love >

    Shanghai Post Bar is what love? Love is in love with the sea in Shanghai Post Bar under a similar forum website group, and each group has its own distinctive theme, such as a pet, the vast majority are pet friendly, and it is the aggregation of the electricity supplier, basically is the electricity supplier group. After understanding these characteristics Post Bar love Shanghai, we will find that in fact love Shanghai in Post Bar users are quite accurate, for example, if you are selling a pet, then you go to buy a pet, which basically except a few of your peers, we can say the rest are likely to be your target customers, target customers in a such intensive place, how to give your site drainage, you spend some time groping about is really necessary. Of course, in a name we initiated is called happiness to help novice webmaster in Xing Shi detours, strive to achieve profitability in the plan, many webmaster friends in the us to explain the unique advantage of Shanghai love Post Bar after a plunge in, just a few days to achieve profitability, but also have a lot of friends do a period of time, the Leng didn’t make achievements, there is a considerable part of friends try a few days post or feel heavy or deleted, directly under the effect of no conclusion. Here, I want to tell you is love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar as one of the core products, strict management is indeed necessary, think everyone can literally in the inside of the post, then you will need to do, in addition, Shanghai Post Bar love love Shanghai in weight is very high, you do one will benefit from the infinite, but this may well experience only those people can get.

    Secret BAT board survival rules, unicorn company has suffered painful choiceMMS alliance and its his

    will BAT as three mountains, is a latecomer insurmountable ceiling. Some people will get BAT investment as holding BAT thigh, landing BAT board".

    so many entrepreneurs will face such a choice – whether to take BAT investment, holding BAT thighs

    for entrepreneurs, whether you need to get BAT investment? When to get their investment? How to integrate resources? Use trade resources properly? These problems become more and more important, but has not got enough attention.

    however, the other side of the coin, sometimes because startups will stand, but to help the other competitors get giant support. In addition, due to the scarcity of BAT resources, some entrepreneurs expect the flow of resources and business cooperation as expected, and even did not reach any cooperation.

    ‘s BAT investment is its ability to get credit endorsements, especially in the To C model, as well as companies with higher cost of doing business.

    "we are doing second-hand cars, and consumers have questions about such new brands. The most important thing to solve is how to increase the confidence of our customers.". For this reason, we came to Tencent as our investor during the C round. Because of…

    , it’s time to rediscover the role of BAT in the army of entrepreneurs.

    when BAT total market capitalization of more than 3 trillion, the three Internet giants increasingly clear their boundaries, they no longer personally end, but through investment to complete the strategic layout.

    , according to IT’s latest statistics, about 65% of Unicorn companies have invested in BAT. For start-up companies, BAT is both a money – rich gold owner, an Internet giant with traffic and a wealth of business lines, which can help entrepreneurs quickly open the market. As drops and Tencent, drops by subsidies quickly opened the market, and access to WeChat level entrance resources, with Tencent support is not unrelated.

    land "BAT" board". Is BAT investment a panacea or a poison?

    brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

    endorsement effect

    ?The most obvious benefit of this paste, just talk about the MMS in the past, to list the League situation, can not help but relate to ad forgive, not the accuracy of the content is responsible for

    the earliest MMS, 02 years in some kind of ring Tom 163 alliance, then SMS special scenery, just how 1000IP can be registered 2-3So few people have to do

    so put more.

    development after several months of settlement are very stable. Do website also increased, 03 years in July 14, 04? 163 alliance forum, an administrator seems to joke post

    : for some reason this alliance will stop within a few days, all of the alliance, Tom 21cn, China full stop. Estimation of mobile first siege

    and another Shenzhen company formerly called 353 MMS stars, also appeared in    

    04 years later, some of the monthly MMS, profit quickly expanded, each SP in WAP IVR, MMS subscription.

    in July to combat pornography, edge personal website, Sohu MMS. Others like the opportunity to escape or death, or disability, or hide

    after October until 2005,

    MMS ring as many webmaster SP CP highlights,

    currently on the market, including some new MMS alliance out

    everyone car used car business platform as a C2C mode, the main solution is the process of consumers in the car, the trading platform, but as the subject of the transaction is different, the higher the value of the new second-hand car, compared with 3C electronics, clothing and other categories, users in the transaction trust in higher cost.

    therefore, we specially interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs and investors, two business case and choose one of the advantages and disadvantages of BAT investment analysis, the reduction they obtained in the mentality of BAT before and after the investment, what to think, this is other entrepreneurs for reference sample.

    Owners choose four methods of long tail keywords

    two index of online search platform. The first step is to find the long tail keywords, if you do not see this, then you understand the words you choose have done some traffic? If no traffic, or just a few people occasionally search words, even up that have what use? So, can not be ignored in the two online index query the platform, they can provide you the day which words flow, what words mean flow stable for a year, which words have special long tail keywords and related search terms etc.. By using the two query platform, and more clearly understand the traffic trends you want to do the word how to establish a drainage scheme using long tail keywords so as to better. Love and Shanghai index can also be effective to query the population is mainly concentrated in what place, so it’s easier to make their own analysis of the words themselves have no use! So, the two query platform, make use of, get more than 1+1=2 so little.

    I often use this method as a new website to add keywords. The author of the steps is as follows: first analysis of the target keywords competitors, now known as the competitors, so its website must have a certain rank, the author is usually the first choice on the website after analysis, one by one to beat them, it is beyond them, such as their station not just on the line the ranking, then from the tenth page or eighth page, analysis on this web site, first think of a way to go beyond them, then the above analysis. Because beyond one by one, give yourself the fun is not mentioned in the same breath station. Keywords analysis of competitors, pay attention to target keywords opponents in what, Links words with which words, what the article such as the bold, through careful excavation, and finally put up keywords acquisition through the text of the way of consolidation, and then to the query index platform, one query which words flow, competition less, so that we can more easily put the station up.

    long tail keywords selection method three: search engine search


    site traffic is generally on the target keywords to ascend. But if the target keywords competition is particularly fierce, when they do the difficulties encountered is particularly large, may also be half did not do, so we have to think of other methods. In this case there is the long tail keywords drainage said. Is the extension of long tail keywords to target keywords, it through a combination of targeted keywords as a phrase or a sentence to show. So since we do not target the more competitive keywords, why not long tail keywords to ascend? Method can be changed, not that the deficit is immutable and frozen, their. So today is to analyze how to use the long tail keywords to improve site traffic and how they choose long tail keywords flow.

    long tail keywords selection method two: competitors website

    < >

    long tail keywords selection method: love Shanghai index, Google index

    Look at the website of Shanghai Longfeng outbound links from not only into the brave

    to brave luck luck, increase the festive festive psychological understandable, but "not only" psychological law and the development of modern commercial society misfits, impossible to achieve the purpose of linfe.

    site outbound links, refers to the web page with hyperlinks to other websites. Outbound links can guide users to access the site to access other sites; at the same time, the export link also became a landmark to guide the search engine spiders track access other websites related pages, leading to their web search engine to other site weight.

    but later, I found many well-known blog website, there are some high weight and valuable web site outbound links, guide users to read. Then, I was pleasantly surprised to find that some owners in their web page for my blog to do outbound links.


    didn’t think it was because of the brave blessing in disguise, "not only", Pixiu is N generation of Chinese people respect for the various ruishou Pixiu felicitous wish of making money, as the theme of the arts and crafts It is often seen.

    somehow, a brave in heaven at random, heavy soil, the Jade Emperor was furious, a slap on the buttocks to the brave, brave ass was sealed. Later, the brave gold jewelry to keep eating, but turned into not only.


    took the site outbound links, this not only into the psychological also harm and no benefit for website construction.

    legend for brave dragon eight prince, it all day long to gold and silver jewelry for food, so covered in jewels, bearing extraordinary, won the Jade Emperor and the king loved.

    beginner when I think, Shanghai dragon, do export their link to a big loss, Lei Feng did not know. So in addition to Links, outbound links will not do, must not let outsiders fields

    (pronounced pí Xi; brave game), leading, horse, foot Lin, the shape of a lion, gray hair color, flying. Ferocity, be responsible for the safety and security of heaven.

    Spring Festival is approaching, all kinds of legendary auspicious auspicious blessings have also appeared, people Caiyuanguangjin, wishful peace, increase how much joy auspicious – of which the brave felicitous wish of making money most people welcome for Chinese festival.

    after further research I found that appropriately in a professional field more professional and authoritative web site some outbound links, although they may lose part of the site visitors, giving export links to certain web page weight; but this website "to know know, admit what you don’t know" attitude to the urgent need the knowledge (or service) of the users to provide greater convenience, left a good impression, at least in the user and search engine in mind, will give users and search engines to leave this website is very professional.

    In 2011 the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love the most practical combat skills

    Three, the text entry

    entry form is also can through the entry form should note the following:

    3, in line with the general style of writing. This should follow the general encyclopedia logic structure, advance level. From the general definition (Introduction) narrates, gradually expand the content, step by step, not abrupt.

    2, in line with the general release of Internet content typesetting specification. Reasonable structure, arrangement of paragraphs of text attributes, with a unified style arrangement. To avoid the abuse of editor layout, layout leads to reduced to fragments.

    1, the fluent, logical. Easy to read text, text must be fluent, logical.

    reference is illustrated by reference text and reference links, located below the text entry, entry is referenced in a credible and verifiable general information, including books, papers, magazines, cyber source, is the entry contents (including >

    entry name must be clear, precise, concise, and to the maximum extent to avoid ambiguity. General use keywords series entry through the very difficult, unless it is formal, professional terms without modification of words.


    Objective: using

    is the paragraph headings of various aspects of entry contents included in the review and classification, similar to the paragraphs in an article title. And don’t have to look at the directory entries to determine the length of your content, if your content is not much, can not entry directory, if your content is much, will use the directory entry. Because the directory entry will headings index entries, display the chapter structure, click on the directory directly to the content, both for the convenience of reading related products, but also greatly enhance the good user experience.

    five, reference

    now love Shanghai encyclopedia is very difficult by the love of Shanghai’s increasingly stringent audit. Lovely Shanghai encyclopedia can bring us a lot of traffic, how can we easily make entry through? I think this is a lot of worries, here I will talk about some skills through practice and summary of my


    the text entry is used to illustrate the main text Wikipedia entry information entry theme, composed of paragraphs or sentences. Through the description, help the reader understand. The text entry should note the following:

    The .Key


    3, overall: in the "accurate" and "objective" basis, multi angle and multi position information rich content and theme related entries.

    2, neutral third party representation, an objective description of the facts, to avoid emotional and subjective narration.

    1, accurate: exact wording, ensure the effectiveness of the entry information, and has a strong correlation with the theme of entry.

    two, paragraph headings and directory


    How to fix Google included to achieve better rankings

    Google for the website ranking has great difference with the love of Shanghai, such as the requirements of the new sites, Shanghai love is generally not to the railway station, what a good ranking, unless some of the more popular keywords, and Google is not the same, did foreign friends know when a new ranking is better than the old station perhaps, it is to be more timely and more quality content! Engage in foreign trade website also has a period of time, there is a certain understanding for Google, although not fully grasp its rules for Google included and ranking said his below to an understanding of this aspect of it:


    Google included for many webmaster is simply a little case, don’t put it in the body, only need to website content, whether good or bad, often included is very much, in fact, we found that although Google included many, but we have to see how much the number of your site article, included rate is off and there are one hundred thousand articles, only included the 10000, looks really huge, in fact, included rate is only one percent of the poor, also collected too many sites, if a period of time did not go to the management and optimization, Google weight will be greatly decreased, traffic from Google will be scanty, Google recently found to love Shanghai agree with the taste for the probability of the copy of the included is reduced.

    The difference between

    and Google ranking love Shanghai is the largest it pay more attention to the quality of a single article, a good original article or false original article, it can realize the fast included, and >

    from the search engine algorithm can realize time changes, and the methods and strategies for the website optimization effect is constantly in flux, this only by careful webmaster experience slowly, and for Google to love Shanghai "sensitive" degree is much smaller, perhaps it is straightforward and open to foreigners like

    , for Google included


    search engine algorithms are not the same, so the optimization method of the website is sometimes different, a better understanding of the principle of search engine, can be more targeted to deal with, so that the site has a good ranking algorithm; change makes the webmaster confused, although we all know Shanghai the main role lies in Longfeng content and the chain, in fact, we subdivided, which relates to the small details is too much, such as the practice of the chain: Forum, blog, question and answer, the soft, previously found love Shanghai know the chain effect is very good, now many webmaster may have feeling Shanghai love, know not tight links increase the coefficient of difficulty, but also function in reducing, even if you add a link to an article in Shanghai are not included and the recent love; Find a free blog search to the search engine’s favor, originally registered blog takes a long time to "feed" to let search engines, now it is different, the new registered Sina blog can be loved in Shanghai included many:

    two, Google ranked

    Three of the ultimate brand by Shanghai Dragon

    three: the ultimate soft area to spread

    after selection and keywords ranking stable vertical field, seems to have done a part of brand building. But if you really want to build a brand, but also to walk very far, but also very much. Here on the last point, I recommend to you is the promotion of soft paper. Soft Wen promotion is a tool used by many owners, and.

    two: the ultimate keyword ranking to stabilize

    The development of

    in Shanghai dragon matures, many owners are already familiar with the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the forum, see some Adsense said the Shanghai dragon brand post, I am interested in this idea, actually I always agree, has been in use. So, for the use of Shanghai dragon to build their own brands, I also have something to say. I think we should do this thing need to put three things to the extreme, otherwise, brand building will be some resistance, are described below.

    if you want to use the Shanghai dragon to build their own brands, another core of things is the keyword ranking. At least your core keywords have very stable ranking and the ranking of the best long-term before three. So, this part of the search keywords people will be familiar with our website, search engine is our best advertising platform. We want to further understand this point you can open the search keywords love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, and then look at the Shanghai dragon WHY brand is how to build, how deep. He used one of the most common way to achieve their own purposes, he put the words of Shanghai dragon to achieve the ultimate, many people will take the initiative to spread its reputation. If we want to be famous in our industry, so please make good use of Shanghai dragon, make good use of the search engine, it will be a necessary way, but also a great opportunity. Shanghai dragon is a sunrise industry, in the time to build the brand, need to do keywords penetration, the user’s mind.

    the Internet now have a lot of opportunities, but these opportunities have been too many people fancy, we leave the only great competition. Therefore, in the gap to talent shows itself must have a certain strategy, especially the human resources and the limited personal webmaster. I think the best way is to do a thorough vertical field. For example, if you are a special snack snacks website, it is best to achieve the ultimate, the depth of excavation, don’t eat drink play to Ledu, these different aspects seem related, but not all take into account. If all take into account the words is bound to share your energy, and may finally have to grasp a. Now the Internet user consumption has gradually become more rational, so we want to establish their own advantage and barriers to competition must follow the path of specialization, the road is not the end, there are too many things for us to think of.

    : the ultimate vertical field to

    On the way to win the contents of the website optimization

    ?The relevant professional degree, the content of

    as a full-time Shanghai dragon Er, and as many webmaster, will be faced with access to the web content, we all know the love of Shanghai website content higher, with Everfount content, website ranking will be very easy to do, but also have the one and only content, site of the long tail keywords will bring considerable traffic that is beneficial to the website ranking and website profit. Any site operators who know the most valuable traffic, you can put the cash flow, the difficulty lies in how to obtain the content. In Shanghai dragon why have such a sentence: the problem is that Shanghai Longfeng content sources, inheritance in return users. It sounds great, but it is the essence of. Below from my personal website operation and optimize the site experience to talk about how to create good content, to make the website optimization by content.


    website optimization

    two is an essential tool for

    , a fresh unique content is the site optimization must yield

    from a personal point of view, think of a person running a type of portal website is not possible, but on the Internet or the owners of hundreds of plates to no lack of such people, to update the site every day they work content, but did not get good results, often this site halfway in. The Internet is not what has left footprints, and then began to disappear from the Internet, but also can’t bring any income to the owners. This is a large number of small owners appetite is quite big, but can’t imagine long roots, hundreds of columns, large Internet Co, how can a person worth thousands of others? As a small station, only to the site location, a suitable location, you can create a fresh and unique content. Not to copy and paste from other sites, such sites will gain weight not high, naturally get good rankings and flow. According to my own experience, in the whole Internet only in self to find oneself find the website content is a good web site, only this is the content, the weight will also get higher. There are fresh, not every site from others copied a few years ago the content posted to their website, the content has been rotten, you re released is chewing the rest of the Steamed Buns, what is the taste of

    in website optimization, I have always believed in such a rule, not afraid not afraid of website content, website content not only. We are a small webmaster or a small team cannot play hundreds of thousands of sections of the site, but cannot play the portal. We can play is compared in a field of professional and specialized website, this website is the best we are most likely to grow. Also, the relatively high degree of specialization is not involved in other website portal, but also in the website optimization, this created by our own professional content easier to get the favour of search engine, ranking and weight will be high. Do most afraid of a "abuse", all in.

    Law of everything system of Shanghai Longfeng existence malpractice

    1. heavy communication cost

    Shanghai dragon is never 100% can be made, this is it with the bidding difference, is not only money not to spend money, Shanghai dragon is a very not guaranteed to work, SEM is exactly equivalent, as long as the money, there is a row, click, and flow will follow, but the money is the problem.


    1. long suffering

    operation optimization


    3. custom technology and

    3. difficult competition


    for Shanghai dragon, long cycle time, the greater the degree of competition and the cycle is longer, and even some keywords years cannot arrive at home, it is also very common, so in this slow process should be prepared mind and heart is expected to work.

    There is no guarantee of

    to do in the early stage there is a station, and station good words can solve the problems such as the website user experience. If you can solve the operation team with technical personnel, such as checking personal operation, the process of the estimation of the degree of difficulty is one of the most difficult stage in the operation, relates to the technical and functional disorder, although some fool station, such as the template function can solve some problems, but the custom operation for some friends may give up or seek to overcome the dilemma of choices.

    2. long long time

    2.Long term

    in the prepared preparatory work, need to do is to buy a domain name and host record, during 2016, the Ministry once again to strengthen the record audit ability, audit time is prolonged, from the previous half extended to 20-30 days. (of course not record it can directly skip)


    preparatory work.

    is so popular in Shanghai Longfeng some industry pursued, low cost is the huge stage of late, but in the early stage, but must pay a lot of drawbacks, and more difficult than good.

    need to coordinate the various departments of information channel frame system in the early stage, sorting out the information system, such as design, product, technology, operation, market, public relations, service department, communication with all departments to collect information structure, making the system outline, Jane Shanghai Longfeng think this is a pretty heavy high cost operation.


    is ranked Shanghai dragon both before and after the different strategies and demonstrate its advantages and disadvantages, is like the well known, though, can do the ranking is can do, can not do is still not ranked. Of course, the advantages of needless to say, of Shanghai Longfeng simple talk about Shanghai Longfeng survival disadvantage.

    How to get free outside the chain of high quality skills

    many sites are the support of submission, submission of the channel will depend on you to find, find a place can contribute, do not contribute so, must make clear rules of the website submission submission, it can increase the pass rate of their own website submission, what all don’t understand, it is difficult to. And the article submission, the best is the original text, it is the love for many website original article, the focus is the search engine love.

    submission way

    than their sites high weight / high PR Links

    this form of words, suitable for cooperative website weight equivalent. I found time to study some of the competitors, many websites are such cooperation, and some sites also negotiated such a problem, this way is to grow together, is good for everyone, published by the way news in others sites, can be said to high quality and free, for both good, didn’t try a friend, you can try this cooperation with link.

    Encyclopedia of stay Web links

    high quality is more difficult to obtain, like blogs, these places have free space to keep the anchor text, in some high weight platform, it is difficult to leave your links, who want to leave high quality weight outside the chain, but not easy to find, a lot of people to share some of the chain channels like blogs, classification of information, B2B, forums, such as SNS chain channels are relatively not only improves the quality, the crawler entrance only, the chain can withstand hundreds of ordinary chain, so we do when the chain, try to do the high quality of the chain. Here are some left high weight of the chain of my personal experience, I hope useful for everyone.

    The chain soft left

    exchange website links

    everyone, high weight and high PR Links, can drive the weight from the PR site, so many people will go to buy some Links, but now Links love Shanghai for the purchase of this attack is particularly serious, a careless K is their own website, so it is natural for the link, and some sites do not want to spend money to get high quality Links. Than their sites high weight /pr site are generally not low weight than their own website and /PR change, want to change to high quality links, through certain negotiation skills, like the high weight website /PR and others are not willing to exchange, I will say what you have, to find out other people’s bottom, if the conditions they can accept, that is the best, but some people have encountered such a thing, did not know what conditions, you can open your own condition to others, I was through advertising or other websites to the text in the form of exchange, as your own conditions, the key is to accept the two sides you can.

    Encyclopedia of the weight is very high, the weight of love love Shanghai sea encyclopedia, Google Wikipedia for weight high, for 360 years.